Save Your Tears.


Kim Taeyeon is a 33 years old, plain bartender, who during one night met with a woman named Jessica Jung at a rooftop of the pub she works at. Turns out, she is a famous idol who just debuted around two years ago in a duo group. 

Destiny has brought the two women from two different lives in one unexpected yet faithful meeting. 



Hello, this is Reowesome, author of Forever: EP2. Recently, I have been confirmed to be infected by COVID-19 and currently on home qurantine. So, during my qurantine period, I'll be spending my time to write a short story. To my FOREVER readers, I would love to continue the next chapter. Sadly, I saved it in the PC and not in my laptop. Therefore, I hope this story will be a fair exchange for the mean time. I'll be updating during my two weeks recovery! Enjoy :)

Hello! Just a quick announcement! I won't be updating for perhaps a week or two. I'm so busy at work and often times I'm tired by the time I get home :( So the next update will prolly be in mid January
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