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    LE STELLE    
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19+ nsfw
fa che lavi, quando se' dentro, queste piaghe.

- dante's purgatorio, canto ix
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Bon voyage!
taken admin reserved00
aespa: giselle, winter09
astro: eunwoo
ateez: san, seonghwa
blackpink: lisa, rose
bts: jungkook
cixjinyounghyunsuk, yonghee
dreamcatcher: siyeon, sua, dami, gahyeon
clc: seungyeon
exo: baekhyun, chanyeol
got7: jinyoung
itzy: yeji
loona: hyunjin, chuu
nct: doyoung, jungwoo, sungchan, jaehyun, kun, jaemin, xiaojun, mark, jeno, johnny
seventeen: wonwoo, mingyu, hoshi
stray kids: hyunjin
red velvet: joy, yeri
the boyz: sunwoo, new, younghoon, eric, hyunjae, juyeon
twice: dahyun
viviz: eunha

soloists:  somi, woodz
others: kim chaewon
group / occupation:
ooc / ic age (19+ only):

hyunjin(loona): more loona
baejin: wjsn (esp dawon & yeonjung), nct (esp renjun & taeil), complete cix, more loona, more twice, more fromis_9, dreamcatcher (esp gahyeon).
chanhee: full tbz & nct..
doyoung: complete nct.
taeyong: vixx's leo & exo.
younghoon: more seventeen (esp dino), twice, yugyeom.
siyeon: dreamcatcher.
chuu: wjsn!
chaewon: jeno, jaemin, nct dream!
jungwoo: ateez!
somi: ioi girls, more milfs & dilfs, got7, ikon, winner, hanbin, jinhyeong, jaewon, suhyun, lee hi.

doyoung & jacob
younghoon & chanhee
name & name
name & name
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