VIEW (In the Eyes) | JUNGZE

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In the eyes of Leejung
In the eyes of Jihye
In the eyes of ...


Hello Everyone,

I am back, well, not writing my usual pair but another one that I have been so into lately. It's always been fun writing when your muses are giving you a lot of things to muse on so here I am.

Like in the tags, this will be a JUNGZE centered three-shot story. 

JUNG (Leejung) and ZE (Noze). If you don't know them, they are the respective leaders of YGX and WAYB from Mnet's hit survival show, Street Woman Fighter. The Maknae Leader line, the Baby Tiger and Cat, the Corgi Couple of the fandom.


I'm just creating this story page in advance.

VIEW will be updated once a week, preferably Sundays but who knows, I might update it asap. LOL
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