Our Ex Husband & Ex Wife

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Seulgi and Jennie are both divorce on their own partners the two being left or abandoned by the persons that they thought there love and bond are strong but the fate play on them because both their lovers file a divorce instantly and tell them they fall out of love so better to go separate ways.

What if the two people who was being left behind meet each other what are the possibilities of this two people can build?


Many people thought once we got married it's a happy ending but they didn't know it was the start of new obstacle that couple might face neither the both of them give up or one of them give up which one of it happen we know it was over.

Guys I'm sorry to saay but I need to take a break again kasi medyo kailangan ko mag adjust sa bagong environment ko sa work kaya pasensya na talaga

Lalo na kung ang ambiance ng work medyo nakakahawa ng mood.
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