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Dirty little pet
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Stupid stupid of me! Why did I have to be so selfish? Starting with myself as if I'm important of any kind... course im not. Just a human, weak and pathetic. Where does human luhan have a say in this? I'm so stupid, never should have talked about myself first, naively thinking that's where the story begins. No of course it's not there, I should have chosen him. Kia's favourite boyfriend, if you could call him that, if they were even boyfriends at all.

It all started when they met in a cheap old town bar, kqi was only passing by when he met him, oh sehun, painfully beautiful, stupidly tall and handsome, and of course he would be needing saving like a pinky princess, a perfect start for a perfect couple right?

They are both too good to be true, trust me, as time went on more and more I was realizing kai isn't gonna kill him, like he killed all of his victims because he liked him. Stupid! Kai was a demon! Yes he was I'd seen that with my own eyes, and not a good kind at all. He had those long red tails, with a sharp point, and it's ridiculously strong cause it hurts worse than hell when he whips me with it.

He doesn't have horns but his caninns (or fangs if you would call them that) are almost as long as a horn must be, he usually hides them but doesn't bother doing that when he is at home, with me, when he gets so scare me to death with them, or when he can simply bite my body and make it bleed for his entertainment.

Kai also wasn't his nickname

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I had so much plans for this but you make feel like its all for nothing. I won't be updating anything until I fix the first few chapters first.. changing the whole thing to fit more with the rest if the story and in the meantime I hope you like this more and actually read it...
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