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"You did not." 

"...I did." 

Gahyeon buries her face in her hands, groaning, as Siyeon looks out into the garden. The woman wanders, cautiously raising a hand to the deadened plants and looking saddened at their wilted state. 

"Of all the ways to piss off your siblings, you chose kidnapping!?" she huffs. "Unnie. They're going to kill you again." 

(Aka a quick Hades/Persephone AU of singji, feat some others sorta. Not M but mentions death.)


Yeah I wrote this to avoid schoolwork so it's short and a little different stylistically, but. I had fun w/it. Posted here cause it's been almost a month since naything went up here, rip, but that'll change in a few weeks.

(I might even have the twitter au started before

Staring Siyeon as Hades, Minji as Persephone, and Gahyeon as a little demon/demigod type deal. Stereotypes abound but give me a break it's a quick little thing.

Also I headcanon Yooh as Aphrodite cause we all adore her, Yubin as smartass eye-rolling Athena, Bora honestly as Ares or Apollo not quite sure, Handong as Hermes cause hehe mischief, literally no idea who the other gods would be. Mamamoo? purki as a bunch of demi gods? lol

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