I Hate Celebrities


Tiffany Hwang is what you would call an anti-fan. Well, kind of.

She didn't write hate comments or death threats to female idols for touching her oppa, no, she wasn't delusional. She didn't poison male idols' drinks for smiling too flirtily at her unnie.

Even so, she had plenty of hate in her heart. She hated her beloved oppas and unnies just the same. She hated them all. She hated celebrities.

Really, it's too bad she's a cleaner at an entertainment company. Which is, like, filled to the brim with celebrities and other talents.

Even worse, she's piqued the attention of Kim Taeyeon, the company's most precious cash cow, in the most unconventional way:

"Sit on it and spin."


a short story just cuz

enjoy <3

edit: yeah okay it was supposed to be a short story

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