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Kim Dahyun, an upcoming AB Literature student accidentally died while saving her girlfriend in the middle of an argument from a truck that lost control, she woke up and found herself in a real scenario from the Manhwa she was reading. 

Or where Dahyun died and got reincarnated in Trinity Became The Youngest Marquis After She Slipped on Ice in Her Previous Life, a Manhwa


A/N: Because Manhwa titles are getting longer and longer. By the time we reach 2023, we might get a whole paragraph as a title.


Not my original idea of plot. Trust me this is only an intertextuality of the general/usual concept of the Reincarnation Manhwas I've read so far. The only difference are the names and yes I should say that if you're an avid Reincarnation Manhwa reader, everything in here is predictable so please read with open minds <3 I'm not claiming any original ideas in here! just wanted to make an au of it :D 

Once again I remind you that this is a work of fiction and i'll be using different names for my characters with the image of twice members doing this role. If you're uncomfortable or it's not your cup of tea it's perfectly fine <33
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