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i’m looking for more friends to be bored with. for platforms i use discord, kkt and twitter. 


i’m a tae or jk fc only. i have a minus time zone but live like a plus side so friends from both parts of the world are welcome here! just nobody under 17, please and thanks.


i have a lot of free time but my replies can be sporadic because people and life can get overwhelming, yk?


we can watch movies, i like horror or slasher films. i like disney classics and romance movies too (shocking, i know) or we can just play games. i do that a lot if i’m in the mood for it. so if ur looking for someone to play with, i have roblox, codm, minecraft, genshin and plato. we can even just recommend music and playlists. i’m pretty good at that. so hit me up if ur just looking for a casual meaningless friendship.


i promise i'm not as dry and humorless as this ad may seem. 

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