Brother or Lover???


It was a typical Tuesday night when Haeily came home as usual she used to take a bath after school but it was different this time... Instead she just changed her clothes and even threw her dirty clothes in the washer as her father said " well it seems that you've changed Jung Haeily!" Haeily said " I have a boyfriend dad!" 

Everyone kept wondering who's the boyfriend???

Even her friends have doubted that question in their minds but Haeily just won't tell them not even because she doesn't know whether to trust them or not but after all she's their friend ever since kinder... Her friends are Sammy, Harold, Anastasia, and Ryeily... They seem to be puzzled 

Who's the boy???


guys I've decided to write a new one since my mind came up with this one and don't worry I might finish my other ones and let me know how's this one so far

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