welcome to jelly kiss! we are a new (18+) general mewe-based roleplay with a focus on being laid back!


november 15th — accepting pre-applications
november 20th — opening of the roleplay
DECEMEBER 12-18th  — joyful jelly event
DECEMEBER 18th  — holiday party




ONEjelly kiss is a closed mewe-based, general roleplay.

TWO. you must be 18+ to join this roleplay as there will be mature themes. your faceclaim must be 19 years old or older internationally and be actively invovled in the korean entertainment industry.


THREE. as this is a general themed roleplay, we expect you to roleplay your muse as accurately as possible. we know it's impossible to know everything about your muse, but we do want our members to put effort into who they're roleplaying and to do them justice. putting your own spin on your muse is okay, just don't do anything that would be considered completely out of character disrespectful to your faceclaim.


FOUR. we only accept anon reservations (on tumblr) if you provide a keyword. otherwise, to reserve a faceclaim, please message on the same tumblr account you’ll give us in your application to let us know who you’d like to reserve! faceclaim reservations last 48 HOURS! after being accepted, you have 48 HOURS to add both admins on mewe and 48 HOURS after your arrival has been announced to make your introduction post. failure to do so will result in your faceclaim being reopened unless you contact us ahead of time for an extension. character changes are allowed, but we ask that you wait at least ONE WEEK before requesting one. character changes will be done through our application form. simply mention your current muse and that it is a character change.


FIVEwe may accept some faceclaims that were involved in recent scandals, but on a case-by-case basis after we evaluate the severity of the events. if you're unsure whether or not the faceclaim you're applying for is allowed, feel free to send us a message first! we hold the right to deny any faceclaims we deem unfit for our community as the comfort of our members is our first priority.


SIXour goal here at jelly kiss is to be a carefree, welcoming roleplay. we know we're all adults here with busy lives, so because of that we won't be having monthly activity checks. however, to keep our community active and bustling, we require that every 7 DAYS each of our members has to make 1 POST and 4 COMMENTS. we operate on a two-strike (warning) policy. 1st strike: failure to either post within 7 days and/or comment on 4 posts. 2nd strike: failure to comment on 4 posts. to explain, you are not allowed to miss posting more than once, but we are a little more lenient when it comes to commenting. however, failure to fulfill the comment requirement a third time will result in automatic removal from the roleplay. you may reapply again after being removed, but we ask that you wait 72 hours before doing so. although we don't have a rule on whose posts you can comment on, please try to mix things up. if we see someone only commenting on posts by the same members every week, we may come to talk to you regarding your activity. we also highly encourage you to leave emojis on your own posts so that people are more inclined to emoji your posts themselves. TO ASK FOR A HIATUS, PLEASE MESSAGE ADMIN KISS! semi-hiatuses can last up to a month, only requiring you to make a post once every 7 days and full hiatuses can last up to two weeks with no activity requirements.


SEVENwe won't tolerate cliques or bubble rping. we're here to make sure everyone feels welcome, so please try to branch out and talk to those around you. comment on posts, leave emojis as often as you can, and welcome our new members! the best way to keep a roleplay active is to make sure everyone feels involved and wanted.


EIGHTthis is a mature roleplay that features an nsfw group. all ual and otherwise mature content is to remain in this group. if you think the main chat’s conversation is bordering on something nsfw, please move the conversation to the nsfw chat. we also ask that you limit the amount of times you post in the nsfw group to one or two times a week.


NINEwe allow our members to have up to two muses in the roleplay, but we do ask that you wait at least a week before applying for a second one. your second muse cannot be from the same group as your current one. if you're reading this, the [email protected] is your most played video game.


TENwe're accepting of all ualities and lifestyles here, but we'll be implementing a TWO WEEK DATING BAN to ensure everyone has a chance to build platonic relationships as well instead of only focusing on romantic ones. moving couples are also accepted, just make sure to let us know about it on your application! engagements are okay, but if you're interested in having your ship get married, please talk to an admin about it first. we currently won't allow any pregnancies.


ELEVENto ensure everyone in the roleplay feels comfortable in the community, we ask that if your muse is under the age of 21 internationally that you don't engage in ual and/or romantic activities with age gaps of over five years.


TWELVEwe as admins reserve the right to make changes to the rules at any given time, but we will make an announcement before doing so.


THIRTEENmost importantly, have fun and make connections! if you have any issues, concerns or questions, never hesitate to ask an admin!






All reservations will accepted via our Tumblr. If you are requesting a reservation on anonymous, make sure to provide a password. When we accept you, we will send you a message through your AFF messages, so make sure to have your messages to the public and to new users.
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