The Stealer



He’s always been so sure.

He’s always been so sure that somehow, they’d end up together.

She was the one for him.

Just her.




He didn’t know her.

In his eyes, she was a bit of a pain and she confused him.

But, what he didn’t know was,

He was already interested.



She was kind of a heartbreaker, Hyunjae’s pain in the and a troublemaker.

But, she liked it that way. For her, the only rule was to break rules.

Ahyoung always had it easy, until she had to suddenly transfer schools.

She needed to get away.

And she realized that a fresh start may do her well.




But, things didn’t always worked her way. And Ahyoung kind of forgot about that.

And then he came along.

Him, the stealer.

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