Message in a Bottle

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Freshly graduated from university, with no stable job in sight and recuperating from a bad break up, Kang Seri spends her days managing her parents’ bakery. The most entertaining thing in her life is the man on the other side of the number she’d accidentally drunk-texted instead of her ex a month ago. Miraculously, he's still talking to her, and his life almost seems to be as much of a mess as Seri's is.

Then Korea’s top model Byun Baekhyun starts dropping by at the bakery, and Seri resolves that if there’s any time to get herself together, it’s now.




previously for a writing contest but i completely butchered the word limit, and therefore it does not qualify :')


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- red tv inspired, on-a-whim romcom fic because kinetic (also an identity-reveal fic) was too angsty. 

some notes that are not coherent:

- basically, my thought process for this fic was that i finished writing kinetic, found it too angsty, and wanted a set-up that would be purely rom-com and i couldn't deviate it and turn it traumatizing. no dead brother in this one = can't be angsty! 

- very much also based on miraculous ladybug. dis one's for u emily :DDDD 

- honestly i think there are a lot of miraculous fics with a similar premise?? i've literally read a mlb one that kinda inspired this but it seems to be a very common trope so hopefully i won't butcher it and am not making it sound too similar.... if you've watched ml, basically seri is inspired by marinette/ladybug (from personality to panicking-in-front-of-model-lead to growing up in a bakery), baekhyun by adrien/chat noir (at least personality wise, neither of them abt to run around in superhero suits in this fic)  

- also inspired by taylor swift's message in a bottle, if that wasn't obvious

- the au's: model!au (baekhyun's a model woooo y), bakery!au

- projecting this to be around 10-ish chapters!

 - please don't demand updates! feel free to ask me what my progress is, but respect that i have other things to do and am busy :)

- comments are very appreciated! i try to reply to them whenever i'm free 


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