Let me be yours
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"So Choi don't look behind you but that boy has been staring at you intently" "which boy?" "Yah you should not directly look at the person like that" "okay so which one" "That boy with ugly glasses" "where?" "He was dragged away before you tried to look at him directly"

Choi Minho was very athletic in school and college. Right now he was in first year of his college. He loved to play all kinds of sports. He was tall dashing boy but he was also so oblivious sometimes. His focus was on his studies and playing sports, he wasn't interested in dating.

The name of the boy with ugly glasses was Jinki he is in same class as Minho and has been in love with him since last 2 years. He always wanted to talk to Minho and express his love for him but couldn't do it yet cause of his circumstances. Jinki had to hide at school and now in college that he is a famous Idol star Onew. 

"Come on let's go" someone was dragging Jinki "But I want to talk to him" "but we are already late we have to reach there within an hour" "I don't want to go" "you don't have a choice" "But Minki hyung..." "don't try to attack me with your cuteness. Right now I'm your manager not your brother. Come on let's go" The boy didn't have any other option but to go. "Smile don't make that sour sulking pouty face you have to always smile and look pretty in order to survive in this field okay. I'm sorry I'm sounding so mean but that is the way it has to be." "Minki Hyung can I have next weekend off

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This was my first time writing like this. I don't know if it feels okay. I'm sorry if anyone doesn't like it. I hope you would like next one though cause there will be leap of some years
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