I Don't Want to Wake Up and Know a Love That is Not You

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Minjeong, a princess, finds herself in the middle of a war holding Jimin, the love of her life, almost lifeless. Desperately, she calls for the Phoenix to resurrect Jimin by granting her a drop of its blood. But in order for the Phoenix to grant her wish, Minjeong has to sacrifice a memory worth of Jimin's life. 


Winter, a college student in her freshman year, is having dreams about a war that doesn't exist in any history books. Not entirely sure why she's dreaming about it, decided to draw everything that she remembers from her dreams including that one girl she saw lifeless in her arms. 


This story is entirely a work of fiction and is not and will never be associated to any of the characters in real life.

First story. Please bear with grammatical and typographical errors.

Updates may come once or twice a week depending on how much I can write in a week. As of the moment (220103), there are fifteen chapters in my drafts that are waiting to be published.

Feedbacks are all appreciated.


Thank you for all your support! 


PS. Stream Dreams Come True

Slow updates but will continue the story. Hang in there, friends!


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49 streak #1
Chapter 1: this looks interesting
Chapter 21: Thank you for still updating this! <3
shiro11 #3
Omg! An ud 😳😳😳
Viola_Ella #4
Chapter 21: thank you for update! I'll definitely reread again from the start
Kannakobayashi09 #5
Ud na ☹️
Jiminez #6
love45 #7
Chapter 20: Hoping for an update soon^^
leaguepro #8
Isaactang1 #9
Story is good but I wish there were more moments of them dating in real life coz besides them having a common past they don’t really have a lot of chemistry and that moment where I think wow they really are meant to be
Chapter 17: If they share the same fate as jiminjeong and one of them bound to die, this remind me of Kannazuki No Miko . It has a sad ending. I hope we will get happy ending from this story. I really love how well written your story is. Cheering for you authornim