Ahn Yujin is a professional assassin that rarely fails her dangerous, risky missions. After her previous partner got promoted — she was introduced to her new partner, Kim Minjoo, another skilled assassin from a different organization.


And well. They’re ex-lovers.


Another one; they did not know that they were both assassins when they were still together and happily in love.



another commissioned fic. welcome, welcome~ this is inspired by mr. and mrs. smith movie! this story will be full of unrealistic action, please bear with me since its not really my forte and im trying my best to deliver good quality action scenes huhu. WARNING too for some people who do not like violence, blood, and other gory stuff? if youre not comfy reading those stuffs... then please, this fic isn't for you :< i warned u guys beforehand already. without further ado, enjoy reading.


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