Prologue: Sunset

Santa Quaranta
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The waves softly crash into Haneul’s head, the blue of the sea seamlessly melting into the blue of her hair. She lays on the shore; her head in the water, her body on the sand. The dawning sun kisses her face, but doesn’t burn her.

She welcomes the feeling and closes her eyes to bask in the pureness of it.

Her and the universe.

Her and peace.

Her bliss ends when the sun touches the horizon and the waves that wash upon her make her feel cold. She stands from her position, water dropping from her hair to her body. Her back to the sea and the setting sun. Her house is just ahead of her. But she doesn’t go there yet.

Something feels off.

She takes a look to her right. Nothing as far as the eye can see.

But she can feel she’s not alone.

She takes a look to her left. She sees mo

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