The Aecademy

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When Karina finds herself adrift in space with only minutes of air left, she thinks it’s better to die peacefully  than to return to her unspeakable past. Just when she lost all hope, the Naevis rescues her and turns Karina’s life upside down with just one entrance exam that earned her a spot in the most prestige school in the Kosmos Universe, The Aecademy.

Embracing this challenge as her only chance of surviving, Karina throws herself into The Aecademy’s rigorous curriculum. While Karina lives in the library to excel, there’s Kim Minjeong, aka Winter -- daughter of one of the most powerful officers in the Galactic Republic – who always places second seemingly without effort.

Winter consistently outwits Karina in debate class while Karina always hands Winter’s pride back on a platter during sparring lessons. Despite the two top students competing with each other, they somehow form an unexpected friendship. But can their friendship survive when their past secrets threaten their future?


Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a science fiction theme and the first Winrina story. They're so cute and fluffy that it seems wrong to write my I tried to incorporate Aespa's theme/words into the story and there may be a couple of Star Wars references heheh. Enjoy :)  

Warning: Read all tags. Please do not continue if you are offended by the genre type. This was not meant to degrade any community. You have been warned. May contain mild language and references to violence. 


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