EXO Secret Santa 2021


A gift exchange for EXO writers. Gift reveal has been updated!





🎁 What is a Secret Santa? 🎁

It's a gift exchange tradition in which participants are assigned a person to whom they will give a gift. The identity of the gift giver is to remain a secret and should not be revealed before the event ends.
The main idea behind this is to make someone happy, get to know new people, and share some love with fellow EXO-Ls!
Even if you are not a writer, you can enjoy reading everyone’s EXO oneshots at the end. It’s a win for everyone!


❄️ Guide: ❄️

  • Sign-ups: open until November 12th. To join, please fill out the wishlist below and send it to me via PM.
  • Assignments: After November 12th, assignments and corresponding wishlists will be sent to everyone by PM.
  • Gift reveal: You may post your gifts starting from December 24th, 12 AM KST. I will link your works here and you may notify your giftee too! 
  • If you are unable to finish your gift in time, please contact me (at the latest on December 20th) so I can organize a replacement. 
  • Any updates/reminders regarding the event will be posted here. 


🎄 Rules:🎄

  • Respect the commitment you’ve made to the exchange. There’s nothing more disappointing than a giftee receiving no gift. If you can't complete your gift, don't hesitate to message me before December 20th. 😊
  • Don't reveal who your giftee is before the event ends. It would spoil the fun! 
  • NSFW content is allowed as long as it's mentioned in your assigned wishlist.
  • Your oneshot should contain at least 1000 words. Aside from that, you are free to write as much as you want.
  • Do not post your gifts before December 24th.

TIP: If you have questions about your giftee's wishlist, please contact me and I will forward your question to them. This way, we can keep your identity a secret. 😉


🌟 Karma Points Giveaway 🌟

In addition to writing/receiving a gift, each participant automatically takes part in a karma points giveaway hosted by SehunieNuna! ❤️ Thank you so much for offering to do this! 🥺


✨ Wishlist: ✨

Please copy/paste the following questions and answer them via PM: 

  1. Which pairings do you prefer? [Name at least 2 different ones so your Secret Santa has enough options to choose from. Of course you can name a personal favorite! Allowed are member x member, member x oc, and member x reader pairings.]
  2. Which genre(s) do you prefer? [Name as many as you want.]
  3. Do you have a trope/an AU you want to be included in your gift? [Again, it's encouraged to give your Secret Santa several options, but the choice is up to you.😉]
  4. Anything else you want your Secret Santa to know?
  5. Are you available to pitch in with a oneshot if necessary (in case someone drops out of the exchange and can't finish their gift)? [Yes/No]
  6. What is your general preference when writing? [Member x member / Member x OC / Member x reader]
  7. Is there anything you don't want to write? [Genre, pairing, NSFW content, etc.]


That's it! If you have questions, either write a comment or send a PM. I'll try to answer fast. 😊
Have fun!! I can't wait to read your stories! 🥰

Much love! 💕


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