Hybrid Mutants


deep in the jungle in south korea, there is an old building that has been abandoned for years. The exterior is old and bad, but the building has a basement used as a headquarters by a crazy scientist who is obsessed with humans who have super powers or more specifically, mutants.

It sounds crazy, mutants do not exist in real life but fiction only but with his experience and knowledge as an elite scientist, he manages to create mutants with his own knowledge after failing hundreds of times. 

He only used women as his subject experiment but unfortunately, his experiments were illegal. He uses his own workers to experiment with force. His wrong doing has sacrificed many lives just to make his dream to create mutants come true. The number of workers that work with him has slowly decreased. Some of them die while doing experiments and some of them have already run away. 

The current mutants he has created only few of them and he still wants to create more and more of them so that he is willing to turn into a beast who will hunt his prey for his own desires. 

EDIT: To solve the mystery behind the crazy experiment, two detectives from the Seoul Police Department take over the cases. Their adventures were accompanied by one amateur journalist that desperately wanted to know the truth of the strange cases just to make her first article as a journalist and they also got another 3 accompanied in the middle of their mission.
Lot of strange, tense, scary and funny moments happen while they on a mission. 


A new FF of mine (wonha) after The Losing Memories :) 


Not an everyday update but i will try my best to keep updating without leave the story hanging ^__^
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