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Once you close your eyes, I appear before you.


You’d turn your back, as that’s your usual position when you sleep, while you’re unaware that I lay just beside you, staring at your back lovingly—just how you imagined me to be.


I’ve been watching you for a long time now, without you knowing. I’ve been aware of your strong feelings for me. Heck, that very feeling was what made me exist. I know how you think of me, how you long for me and how you wish I was true. I am now, but you will never know.


I, however, knows everything about you. I remember how you were very fond of me and my character that you stupidly fell for me. You even made a poem, how sweet. You found a comfortable sanctuary thinking that you’re in a relationship with me, to prevent yourself from falling for anyone to avoid yourself of the past hurts that you’ve experienced. I thought it was weird at first honestly, but at the same time I was flattered. That flattery though didn’t stay too long, for it became sadness for me to see how passionate you were. I actually wished that you find someone that’ll reciprocate the amount of feelings you can give to someone. You can give so much to someone unreal like me, what more to that someone real? Thankfully, someone came along. I was happy for you, like you were in your poem about me.


That new love you’ve found took you to new heights and experiences. I prayed for it to last forever. I was happy for you. I was. That love made you forget about me. I was unreal in the first place but that time, I was also forgotten. I questioned if I was really happy for you, like you did in your poem for me. For my existence in you, ceased to exist.


But that didn’t took long. For that love sadly ended. It gave me hope that you’ll look back at me again. I cursed myself for thinking like that as I watched you mend your heartbreak by yourself. I helplessly watched you breakdown alone, your ego battered and was drunk on self-doubt. And the most heart-breaking of it all was that you hid all of it. You still smile, laugh and crack jokes for others, as if you’re not hurting inside. I cried in your stead. This time, I desperately prayed for you to turn back to me, if that’s the only way to comfort you of your pain. And my prayers were answered.

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