Yoo Jimin is a Professional



When this big entertainment company contacted Jimin for a collab with one of their artists, it was clear she had landed a big gig. She would be working with an idol, and even having promised herself she wouldn't do it again, this was too big of an opportunity to pass up.

After all, not all idols were the same, right?


"And do you know," Jimin paused and drank down the soju on her shot glass. "what's the most frustrating?!"

"What?" Hyejoo rested her chin on her palm, trying not to laugh at her best friend's misery.

"It’s that she's so pretty and beautiful and has that perfect face and that aura and presence and with that gorgeous smile of hers she can do whatever she wants, and she's taking advantage of that!" Jimin slammed the glass on the table.


I love winrina, that's all

Actually this is just an updated, winrina version of an old fic of mine that I wrote for a ship that I love but barely anyone knows about and it's basically dead now lmao, I really like the story and winrina was just soooooooo perfect for it, they fit the characters so well I couldn't just not do this version. 


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