lf: that cute guy from 6 months ago.


i'm an idiot for doing this but i'd still be an idiot if i didn't.


i know the chances are low, but if my attempt is fruitless, at least i can say i've tried.

i'll keep this as short as possible.

we met in april at an anirp. it wasn't long before you disappeared, but i can sincerely say i enjoyed talking to you. i have a ty memory so forgive me if i get anything wrong:

  • you're a minus (-8..?)
  • you liked horror movies (we watched the descent together)
  • you weren't much of a gamer, but you played genshin and plato
  • you liked outdoor things, especially hiking
  • you liked all time low (one of your favorite song's dear maria, count me in)
  • you're an INFP 
  • you have a thing against scorpios (but i forgot your sign. sue me.)

if the above sounds like you, drop me a message? i'd like to be friends, if you're open to the idea.

it's been a while, but i hope you're doing well. wherever you are.

- g.

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