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Byun Baekhyun was sure that nothing could've prepared him for what happened during that one night of him being a judge in 'The Voice of Korea', for as he leaned back against his seat and waited for the final contestant of the night to perform, he stifled a gasp as he heard a familiar voice soothe his ears - a voice that forced him to recollect wonderful memories, a voice that forced him to regret his mistakes, a voice that belonged to Park Chanyeol. He wished their history didn't have to end so soon.




Hey, it's Skyful_Poof back with another story!

This is going to be a pretty long story, so bear with me. It's going to have many chapters but each chapter will be quite short. I just think it's necessary for the pacing. This story idea was listed in my drafted ideas for quite some time, and I finally found some time to write a few chapters in advance, so I'll just post them up after I proofread them. Do give me some time though! Things aren't easy for me, so I hope you understand.

Do go through the tags and be sure that you're comfortable with the content (but there isn't anything sensitive, so yeah), and if you're still here, I hope you enjoy reading this story! Thank you for giving it a chance!



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Hi, just wanted to share something... I've been burdened with a lot of work lately due to upcoming exams, so I'm going to update one more time this week and then pause until 29th Nov. I'm genuinely sorry, but I'm so exhausted, don't have time to write chapters, so please understand! <3
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