The Fruit Mouse

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Baekhyun has had a rough life so far but he's trying the best he can. 

Is it possible he will find a way to do more than just survive?




A/N:  There is an abandoned shack back in a woodsy area that can be seen from the road that I drive on every day when I go to work. Seeing this shack gave me this idea for a story of a runaway Baekhyun taking a temporary residence in such a place and finding his way to being "rescued" by the landowner Chanyeol. The idea stuck with me for a long time, but when I finally sat down to write it, the characters ran away with the plot and it turned into "Unexpected Solace".  (If you haven't read that story and are interested, you can find it here: )  After I finally completed that mammoth of a story, I ignored my original intent as the summer weather brought full leaves to the trees, hiding most of the shack from view as I drove by each day. 

But now, after completing other projects and the autumn leaves are falling from the trees, the shack has come back into view and the original idea back to the forefront. And my brain refuses to let go of the story idea. So here I am, writing something else.

As I write this note, I'm about 5 chapters in and so far the characters have behaved themselves and I feel like this is closer to my original story idea. The choice of an orange grove surprised even myself, so things seem to be evolving a little, but hopefully my readers will enjoy wherever this story is taking all of us.

Thank you for reading!





I apologize for this update taking longer than usual. But fear not -- the characters have completely taken over the story and will not let me leave this unfinished! Thank you for continuing to read -- subscriptions, comments, and upvotes are all really appreciated!!
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