I woke up today and I missed Chanyeol...







Hey babies ❤


Not sure how to describe this one... It's like a long drabble, I suppose. Oneshot with no sequel. Some Slice-of-life and then... well you'll just have to read to find out >.<


In all honesty, I haven't completely decided if I like this story or not... but maybe I don't have to decide really.

It fitted my writing mood so I wrote, and since I wrote I am posting.

Oh, and the title makes it sounds worse (of lesser quality) than it actually is. But I wanted to name it Chanyeol so I did.


Thanks for checking it out! (No hard feelings if you don't)

Lots of love ❤




P.S. Most of my gazillion stories are in here (many of them are rated so be aware). 




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