how does liking my one male best friend make me gay. if i cook one meal does that make a chef?


mdni sry!


another generic ad in a sea of ads looking for new connections except i’m y and fun /hj. kidding! sort of. this IS a generic ad of looking for friends, fwb, possible oomfs and so on and so forth. to sum it up, i’m looking for a breath of fresh air and i’d like to meet new people. compiling a bullet point list of interesting things to convince you of replying to this btw (read: tricking you into finding me interesting)!

  • looking for friends, mostly. i’m not interesting in dating but if it happens then sure?! fwbs are cool btw.
  • 21+ and would rather you’re around that age too to be more comfortable.
  • no sleep or too much sleep club, i’m guaranteed to be around at some point regardless of tzs.
  • i fc mostly women but occassionally men when i’m feeling it. i love to cpdp though so ask!
  • if it matters i’m a dom!switch & biual, so open to everyone.
  • i might disappear sometimes because of feeling overwhelmed/needing time to myself but i promise i’ll always reply, be it one day or a week later. i’m not ghosting you i’m just really bad at socializing!! #SocialAnxiety
  • occassionally a gamer btw. (valo players pls teach me how to play)
  • tdlr just looking for people to talk to and get to know; up to cpdping, movies, zpt, etc.

if you found any of this interesting enough (i’m sry if u didn’t but i’m cool n funny i swear) i’m available on discord, twt & kkt!! 

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