Agent Moonlark


In an alternate universe Sophie is a spy working for the Black swan, and Keefe is working for the Neverseen.But they fall into a forbidden love. 

You don't have HAVE to have read KOTLC (Keeper Of The Lost CIties) to have read this, but I would recommend it


Sophie looked into his deep sorrowful eyes. She wasn't supposed to be here. She wasn't even supposed to know him. But she didn't move away, instead she huddled closer to his warmth. He looked down at her. And smirked. "What" said Sophie. "I just love the thought of disobeying my Mom" Sophie stomach churned at the thought of disobeying the Black Swan but being here, with Keefe was worth it. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING SOPHIE" She turned around to see Mr. Forkle storming towards her. 

OMG I forgot 2 mention this! So The characters belong to Shannon Messenger of course, but the idea of this alternate reality was a fanfic I found on Wattpad also titled Agent Moonlark. Sorry! (Think of it as a fanfic of a fanfic because all the events are made by and created by me)
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