STRANGER.    /     Reservations OPEN just for you! *flirting*


everything is fine.
  rules + guidelines
one: subscribe, upvoting is optional.
two: STRANGER is a non-au closed roleplay, please refrain from interacting with outsiders, including unverified members.
three: tl is unrated (explicit nsfw not allowed), be mindful, however, of minors that could be around.
four: no selectivity, try to be inclusive with replies. lets make everyone feel at home here.
five: tccs last 48 hours, with an interval of 3 days before the next tcc is allowed. cc are allowed with an interval of 2 weeks.
six: please notify base for any semi hiatuses (max 3 weeks) and hiatuses (max 2 weeks).
seven: be respectful towards everyone, whether it's regarding who they love or how they choose to identifywould you adopt him?
eight: 2 days of inactivity will result in unverification, you may ask to be reverified. please reach 70 tweets within 24 hours of joining.

nine: we want to make everyone feel included here. mentioning personal interests such as games, shows, and stories is okay but try to keep discussions about it with your peers in dms to avoid making others feel left out.
eight: limit ooc talk, use brackets.

  how to join
one: look through our masterlist and comment your desired faceclaim with the correct reservation format.

two: once your reservation has been approved, you have 24hrs to create your account and mention base.
three: make sure to clear your tweets, f/f, and likes if you're recycling.
four: username format is @anon(name)/@(name)anon, lowecase, no initials/underscore/numbers.
five: put STRANGER somewhere on your profile.

six: follow base & everyone before mentioning for verification. if you're not verified within 10 minutes, you may interact.
population: growing
join today!
talking to strangers online was
the best decision i ever made.
welcome to stranger!
a non au twitter-based rp.
don't be a stranger, come join us! we hope that you enjoy your stay with us.

ace: jun.
aespa: karina. ningning. winter.
ateez: hongjoong. yeosang. yunho. seonghwa. san. jongho.
blackpink: jennie.
enhypen: jay. jake. sunghoon.
exo: kai. sehun. baekhyun. kyungsoo. chanyeol. suho. lay.
fromis9: hayoung. gyuri. 
ive: wonyoung. gaeul16.
itzy: ryujin17.
kep1er: xiaoting.
loona: chuu. gowon. olivia.
nct: jeno. mark. jaehyun. sungchan. haechan.
red velvet: irene.
seventeen: wonwoo. jihoon. mingyu.
stayc: isa.
the boyz: chanhee. sunwoo. changmin.
txt: yeonjun. soobin. taehyun.
twice: sana17.
wayv: hendery.

soloist: chungha. chaewon16.
other: miyawaki sakura. kawaguchi yurina.

isa: aespa, loona, kep1er, SEVENTEEN PLS and anyone willing to give me a Hug.
san: purple kiss esp. goeun & stayc. kep1er and fromis or else.
karina: complete aespa and ateez, more girls, stray kids, itzy and loona
sakura: a goose army.
jake: BEGGING FOR SVT MEMBERS... any would be fine i just want them home... and maybe fromis? mayhaps... pspspspspsps ex ioi members pspspsps chungha and mina pspspsps
kai: taemin, twice, more exo and oh my girl please.
hongjoong: more atz
jennie: changbin and wonho pls
sehun: red velvet plz, i'm down bad.
jay: the rest of enhypen, aespa's ningning, blackpink noonas, red velvet's irene, stayc's seeun, loona's choerry.
heejin: complete kep1er.
hayoung: fromis babies, svt esp joshua hong to simp over, twice, weki meki, girls to hold hands with
ryujin: full itzy and twice pleeks ^_^ nct 127 members so she can join your gc?!
chuu: seventeen members, especially dino! complete loona, itzy, monsta x, and sf9. thank you!.
seungmin: full skz for a gc..?
jun x woozi
yeonjun x sunghoon
dates are a social construct.
hayoung x jeno

sehun x kai
joy x mingyu

krystal x suho

xiaoting x yurina

Reservations are open once again! CYBER MONDAY DEAL: join today and isa will give you a big platonic kiss. :D
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