The Difference Between You And Me

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Karina Yu. The popular 'straight' girl, who everyone adores. All the girls want to be her, all the boys want to marry her. She has a boyfriend of course. The star player and captain of the football team, Choi Soobin. What happens when Karina encounters the shy girl, Winter.


Winter Kim. The not so popular gay girl, who people look at and then quickly turn away. No one associates with Winter besides her bff, Ning Yizhuo. Winter is just the single, quiet girl of the school who does what she needs to do and hopes to make it out untouched.


Read to find out about what these two girls go through during their senior year of high school! Will things change from the first day? from their first encounter?





This is a converted story, I do not own anything from this. All credit goes to the original author @samanthaa0417, whom I contacted and have warmly given me the permission to convert the story. You can check out the author's works on Wattpad ❤️. Only hoping this won't get reported 😊

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