You + Me = Love

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Jeno's dares were too lame and easy to do. Winning over the school's math prodigy was gonna be a piece of cake. Or so Jimin thought.


While I was playing I thought about this lmao, soon you will be able to read this fic. I'll share a little preview with you:


Jimin raised her eyebrow at the attitude of the brunette who returned her gaze to her notebook without paying more attention. Who did she think she was to ignore Yu Jimin, the most popular person in school?


"I'm talking to you."


“And I ended that conversation. As you can see, I'm pretty busy over here."


Unbelievable. Kim Minjeong preferred math to Yu Jimin? That was so humiliating...


The black-haired woman wasn’t one to give up easily and she wasn’t going to accept losing a bet, especially with Jeno. Losing wasn’t in her vocabulary, anything she wanted, she got it, always. And even if this math girl was playing hard to get, she wasn’t going to back down on a challenge.

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