BYEOL!   a howl's moving castle themed discord rp. come jackbox with us!


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저 별 저 별에 내 목소리가
discord based
16+, sfw
oct 2021
1. this is a closed, non au rp on dc. be 16+ ooc & ic to join. we only accept fcs from the korean entertainment industry. we don't allow fcs that are deceased, involved in controversies, or that have asked not to be roleplayed.

2. keep the server pg-16. no explict ual content. also refrain from discussing triggering or sensitive topics publicly, as we wish to make this an enjoyable place for all.

3. be kind and inclusive! make an effort to welcome newcomers & no facechasing or selective replies. do not cause ic or ooc drama. pls reach out to an admin if there are any issues!

4. activity checks will be held biweekly. keep ooc in brackets. dm an admin if leaving or going on hiatus/semi-hiatus. semi-hiatus lasts a week, hiatus lasts two. feel free to ask for an extension.

5. all character changes are unlimited. temporary changes last up to 48 hours or until the faceclaim is reserved. pw is a movie recommendation.

6. love is love. move-in couples are welcome. for new couples, there isn't any waiting period, just use your best judgement lol. dm an admin with your date to be added to the couple list.
how to join
1. subscribing to the thread is mandatory in order to comment. check the masterlist for your desired faceclaim. if you're indecisive, consider granting one of our wishes!

2. fill out & comment the application:

3. once you've been accepted, you'll be dmed the server link.

4. you may socialize after joining.  have fun!
admin taken reserved00

aespa: karina winter
blackpink: rose jennie
enhypen: sunghoon jungwon jake heeseung
fromis_9: hayoung jiwon
gfriend: sowon
itzy: ryujin
iz*one: hyewon
loona: hyunjin
nct: xiaojun jaemin
oneus: xion
sf9: taeyang rowoon
the boyz: younghoon juyeon
txt: soobin beomgyu taehyun hueningkai yeonjun
wjsn: eunseo
soloists: somi
sunghoon x jiwon

sunghoon: complete enhypen, stray kids' felix and i.n, twice's chaeyoung and tzuyu, nct dream's jisung, cravity's minhee, stayc's seeun and yoon, the boyz, clc's eunbin.
xiaojun: stray kids, cute & y people.
soobin: the rest of txt, cix, loona, fromis_9, jo yuri.
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