and bullseye.

hit a ten (and i'll give you a kiss)


“So, you dragged me here as a ‘motivation’ to practice but you won’t even practice at all,”


Jimin pouted at what Minjeong had said, halting her fingers that were boredly, and idly caressing the grip of her bow. She fully faced her girlfriend who was leaning against the post from a short distance, smiling teasingly at her with her arms crossed.


The archer on her bottom lip, “Hmm. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, I’m super lazy to practice.” She whined to the younger woman, and approached her after placing her bow on the table nearby.


Minjeong’s smile softened as her girlfriend walked closer to her, she shifted her weight on her both feet and instantly, she spread her arms wide — letting Jimin slot herself in front of her, wrapping her arms around her, hugging her tight and snuggling comfortably in her arms. It felt natural, it was natural.


Jimin melted into the warm embrace, and sighed contentedly, pulling Minjeong closer to her, as if she was greedy for more warmth. She was like a tamed fox, almost purring in satisfaction as she was given great affection.


“It’s alright. As an athlete myself, there are days like that, y’know? It’s normal, don’t push yourself and rest instead. Do you want to go to the mall?” Minjeong suggested, soothingly caressing her girlfriend’s back; ignoring Jimin’s soft lips pressed against the exposed skin of her neck.


She just wanted her girlfriend to be comfortable. Sometimes, Jimin liked to force herself and Minjeong was unable to stop her. But then, she couldn’t blame her. After all, she was a swimming athlete and practicing made them feel and do better even though it was unmotivating on a few occasions or often enough — they were driven by determination and pressure to do well in their upcoming matches that would push them to practice.


And well, Minjeong was just always here for her girlfriend like Jimin was always there for her. She just wanted the best for Jimin, and she was willing to do anything to make her feel better. So, when Jimin asked her if she could accompany her to her solo practice and serve as her ‘motivation’ — Minjeong immediately complied without a word, rushing to her girlfriend.


The archer shook her head with a childish huff. “No. Nationals is just right around the corner, I need to practice harder, babe.” answered the older woman.


Minjeong hummed, thinking deeply as the familiar scent of nectarine bloom and honey invaded her smelling senses, making her feel a little bit dizzy in a good way.


And then, an idea popped in her head, making her beam. Genius, Kim Minjeong — genius! She couldn’t help but to smirk in triumph when she finally thought of a nice solution to this matter.


“How about this,” Minjeong started off, and Jimin hummed against her skin, the vibration making the shorter woman shiver; losing her composure for a second then cleared after. “Let’s make a deal,” added her.


Now that caught Jimin’s attention. She leaned away from the embrace and faced her girlfriend with a curious glint in her foxy eyes, tilting her head a bit. “Oh? What is it?” She asked, already intrigued.


Minjeong sheepishly grinned at her before finally blurting out what was in her mind.


“Each time you hit a ten, I’ll give you a kiss. How does that sound?”


And once those words processed in Jimin’s mind — Minjeong noticed that her onyx orbs lit up, and suddenly, there were flames in her eyes; determined and insanely motivated. It looked like Jimin liked the idea too, more than happy to seal the deal that Minjeong had offered.


It was very beneficial; Jimin would be able to practice and she would get kisses! Now, that sounded very irresistible, wasn’t it? And hey, it was not like Minjeong would lose something, in fact, it was a win to win offer.


A smirk formed on Jimin’s lips, a very exquisite and y one that screamed danger. “Deal.” She responded, her voice was an octave lower, and the way her gaze lingered on Minjeong would make one shiver. It was intense yet at the same time, so soft and loving.


Jimin detached herself from her girlfriend after that, and Minjeong just watched her skip delightfully towards the shooting range. The younger woman could only chuckle at her girlfriend who was looking so serious and motivated to shoot some arrows unlike earlier, just whining and playing with her bow.


The swimmer eyed her archer girlfriend pick up her bow, took an arrow from the table, and positioned it correctly. She could only move her gaze up and down, checking the older woman out; her stance was correct, proper, and elegant. And her eyes lingered on Jimin’s fingers as she drew the bow, adjusting it to the right height as she closed her one eye.


What a sight. It was a beautiful sight that Minjeong had always seen and witnessed throughout the years but it never failed to make her feel something. It was impressive, Yoo Jimin was impressive.


And when Jimin released the bowstring, finally shooting the arrow — hitting the target from a distance in a blink. Minjeong followed it, squinting her eyes to see where it clearly hit.


Oh, ten. Not surprising. Jimin was a renowned archer, and SKKU’s pride in the field of archery. She wasn’t called the archery goddess for no reason.


When Minjeong returned her gaze from Jimin, the latter was already looking at her, smirking smugly. The swimmer could only scoff playfully. She didn’t need to remind Jimin about her earned kiss as she herself jogged towards her and leaned her face closer until their lips brushed against each other.


It was just a soft, brief kiss. And the moment Jimin pulled away, she smiled at her girlfriend before going back to her spot, grabbing another arrow then started to shoot again while Minjeong could only watch her with a huge grin plastered on her lips.


Throughout, Jimin shot twenty arrows, and out of twenty, she hit an impressive sixteen ten scores. So, she got a total of sixteen kisses. Minjeong had no complaints because she saw how her girlfriend was really motivated to shoot the arrows and flaming in absolute determination to hit a ten so she could get a kiss. The swimmer’s heart swelled in joy because that day, Jimin did extra well in her solo practice.


Well, the kisses were major bonuses.


Every time Jimin would hit a ten, she would waddle her way towards Minjeong and kiss her on the lips, and the latter would just meet her halfway, equally eager. There were times that Jimin would press a kiss on her forehead, cheek, and nose instead, one time, on her jaw. Minjeong just happily let her girlfriend do whatever she wanted.


And then, in her twenty first shot. The arrow landed on the very center of the target. A freaking smooth, clean bullseye.


Minjeong’s lips parted in awe. It wasn’t the first time she witnessed Jimin hitting a bullseye but still, it was impressive.


Minjeong whistled, and she was about to congratulate her girlfriend but when their eyes met, suddenly went dry.


Jimin’s stare was burning her. It was extreme, and it made Minjeong tremble. Her foxy gaze was alluring and intense with a hint of suggestive want, Jimin’s aura shifted too, and there was a visible smirk on her plump lips. She then casually placed her bow on the table before walking to Minjeong, like a predator approaching her prey — her eyes not leaving hers.


The swimmer could only dumbfoundedly stand still, feeling a lump stuck in . She was sweating. However, even though, she did not back down — staring back at her girlfriend with the same intensity, giving her the satisfaction.


Jimin halted when she was just barely a step apart from Minjeong, looking down at her. The younger woman waited for her to speak, obviously enough, there was something playing in Jimin’s mind as of the moment.


Then, the taller woman leaned a bit closer until their faces were merely an inch away from each other, their breaths mingling with one another. Minjeong held herself back, clenching her fists that were hidden in the pockets of her windbreaker jacket. She didn’t even know that she wasn’t even breathing anymore, getting lost and drowning in Jimin’s orbs that held the entire galaxy.


Her gaze shifted lower, landing on Jimin’s smirking lips for a brief moment before meeting Jimin’s eyes again.


“I think I deserve something more than a kiss for a bullseye, yes?” Jimin murmured deeply, her tone was dangerous and laced with a scary intensity that struck Minjeong, making her heart stop beating for a moment.


Minjeong’s sharply inhaled, her lower lip. “Yeah, I think so.” She found herself responding, her voice was also low and strained. Whimpering a bit when Jimin hummed happily yet teasingly.


Jimin’s smirk turned into a wicked grin after hearing Minjeong’s response. “Well then,” She said, looking delightful but at the same time, still dangerous. She then leaned away, giving Minjeong a space — the latter let out a deep breath.


However, before she could even ask what she wanted — Jimin reached for her wrist, pulling her closer, and bent down a bit, leaning to her reddening ear. “Let me claim my well-earned prize, hmm.” She whispered huskily and sultry on her ear, even having the guts to bite Minjeong’s earlobe before dragging her away from the shooting range.


Minjeong could only blush, letting Jimin drag her out. The younger woman’s heart rattled in anticipation.


Well. That was enough practice for today. And just indulge their own selves into something more.




A/N: idk what i wrote tbh im currently sick and instead of reviewing for my exams tomorrow i wrote this fluffy and welp no regrets!!! im suddenly motivated to write something after reading a certain winrina au. anyway, this is my first time writing a (sort of) original winrina work and im happy. more winrina fics to come, i guess lmao


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