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You little dork(Your dork)

Well, you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow” Sana sang, staring at the colorful ocean in front of her.




Only know you love her when you let her go Only know you've been high when you're feeling low”they sway, hearing the heartbroken in Sana's voice




Only hate the road when you're missing home Only know you love her when you let her go”Slowly slowly, she's getting tired, tired of crying, tired of waiting, wanting to give up.




And you let her go” she sang, her fans tearing up, crying over her, for her.




Staring at the bottom of your glass Hoping one day you'll make a dream last But dreams come slow, and they go so fast” wishing, hoping, that after this, she'll see her again.




You see her when you close your eyes Maybe one day, you'll understand why Everything you touch surely dies” her eyes can't take anymore, as she cried out, feeling so broken.




And you let her go” the song ended, as she stayed at her position, knees on the floor, crying so hard as she can hear her fans too.




Nayeon, Jihyo and Jeongyeon on the side of the stage, crying too, feeling sorry for the latter.




As soon as the concert finish, they immediately came to the hospital, the hospital that became like Sana's second house, been there for half a year, visiting someone who is important to her.




“Mina~” the name let out of , staring at the sleeping beauty, pitch sounds keep sounding, oxygen on , brushes some parts of her face and arms.




She sat at the chair beside the bed where Mina, grabbing her hand, interlocking them together,not wanting to let go.




“Bebe! Nayeon unnie invited me for a dinner, since it's been a months when we saw each other, so that's why” Mina told her, while munching her beefsteak.




“Sure, but be safe, I don't want something happen to you, I mean you two” Mina smiled at her, crashing her body to her, hugging her so tight.




“Thanks! And not only me and Nayeon, there Jihyo and Jeongyeon unnie too because they said they miss their baby” in that, she received a glare from the latter.




“Well tell them their baby is not their baby anymore, someone's baby, My baby” Sana sulky said, earning a wide grins from Mina.




“why you so cute?” Mina says, leaning closely to the latter face.




“Mina stop, that won't work to me” she said, focusing to her food, avoiding Mina's stare.




“Ayyy I know you can't resist me, well me? No one can resist me” Mina proudly said, smirking.




Later night, Nayeon came to pick up Mina, as the two bid goodnight to eachother, well they don't like saying goodbyes to each other, they hate it, it might lead to never see each other again.




Mina was about to get in the van, but Sana grabbed her arm, making her face her,as Sana told Nayeon to turn around, earning a rolled eyes from the older, Mina was looking at her confusedly, Sana smiled at her, leaning until their lips touched.




They both smiled between the kiss before letting go, bidding goodnights to each other again, Sana stand there, waiting until the van get out of her sight,as she get back inside the house.




Sana smiled, remembering their last moments before the accident.




A car crash, but thankfully Nayeon, Jihyo and Jeongyeon didn't got into surgery,just a normal brushes but for Mina, it was like, she took all the pain, brushes some parts of her body,arms and face, and it's been a half in a year since Mina got in coma.




There's a machine from the side, that keeping the woman alive, the only they could to do is to wait for her.




After eight weeks, Sana came back again to the hospital, carrying a book.




“Mina look, Tzuyu finally publish her first book” she smiled tiredly, sitting at the side, opening the book “Let me read it for you”




“Wow, that's so sad” Sana said, wiping her tears, closing the book after reading it. “the man love her for seven years and the woman hate him for seven years, then took months before the girl return the same feelings for the man but Sadly, it only took a month before the God took him. Cancer can really kill everyone” Sana said, dropping her head to the side of the bed, readying to sleep “Goodnight Mina~” she said before closing her eyes together.




A soft heavy thing, feels like caressing the back of her head, making her wake up, staring at the woman who's staring back to her.




“Mina!” Sana happily said, crashing towards the latter, hugging her as if she doesn't want to let go of her.




“Arhh Sana, I think I might suffocate here, you hug to tight” She said, smiling even she can't breath because of Sana's embrace.




“Ah so-sorry hehe” she said, rubbing her nape, slowly going back, sitting at the bed, still looking at Mina. “I-i'll call the doctor to check you up” she said before leaving the room.




“Welcome back ms.Myoui , I'll leave now since I know this woman behind me wanting me to leave” he joked, earning a playful glare from Sana before leaving the two 




“Mina~ I miss you” she said, hugging the latter again but not that tight anymore, “i miss you so much”




“Did I make you wait?”




“No, I'll wait for you whatever it takes, even it takes forever, but I'm still here standing at the same position, waiting for you.”




Mina wrapped her arms around the latter, hugging her so much as much as she missed her.


“i miss you too” 



If you want to know what the title of tzuyu's first book(that Sana read for Mina)

It's “Through days and nights” by ShashaBear3 in wattpad.

About Sahyo (Sana and Jihyo). I just use the ‘man’ character to cover up, but in the story, Sana and Jihyo are both girls who have different worlds and story in their life.





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