Bonus flashback+ pt.1

You little dork(Your dork)





13 years ago




June 13, 2008




The day, month and year, I met a beautiful girl, she's same age as me.




I was 10 that time, playing outside our house, until I saw a car drove pass, two person at the front, and a little girl at the back, her eyes are so beautiful, our eyes met, she was cold, she even looks so pissed.




The car parked in front of our house, between the street, our new neighbor.




I was happy to have new neighbor.




I leave the ball I was holding,ran into them, wanted to help them,but more wanted to see those beautiful eyes again.




“Hi! May I help you?” I ask, looking to the both of them, her and her father.




“No kid, your mommy might don't know where you are so go back” her father said, he looks so strict,but I'm stubborn.




“No , my mom know where I am, so let me help you” I grabbed the one box but got stopped when a one foot stepped on box. I looked up.




“No need kid, we can do it” her father said.




“No I wanted to help” I was so stubborn that I didn't notice the irritation from her.




“Wait, Aren't you going to help your mother?” her dad ask her.




“Huh? Ah yes, yeah” she said before running away but I followed her, running to her, I grabbed her shoulder,she sway it, making our hands touch for the first time,our eyes met again, those dazzling eyes.




That's when the time I wanted them to look at me, only me.




Years passed, middle school year started, the year too I started to kill someone inside my head.




Mina always being with this pig, Hirai Momo, her name.




I hated when they making me feel jealous, but thankful, Chaeyoung always beside me, telling me that don't mind them.




But can't help it, Mina's dazzling eyes always taking me back.




After a days, I saw her getting slap from the pig, I smiled watching her hurt.




After that, I started to smelling her hair, smell like pineapple, I love pineapple.




After weeks, I started to avoid her, I heard her and her friend saying that I am dumb and she even agreed on it.




“Mina you hate her, you can't have feelings with Minatozaki, she's dumb”




“Ah... Yeah, you are right, I'll see you later” you said, you hurt my feelings if you don't know.




April 23, 2011




I promise to my self, I wouldn't have feelings for you anymore, I remember all you did to me and it was enough for me to let you go, even that dazzling eyes of yours.








June 13,2008




I met a crazy girl, she stubborn, she even hold my hand.




I hated her, elementary year, she's always there beside me, not wanting to leave me alone, every day I go to school, every day I get a hug from her even though I don't like it, I don't want to be touched by someone who is crazy.




Years past, a japanese girl came, name Hirai Momo, I liked her, she's beautiful, she's good at dancing, she's everyone crush, but then this friend of mine, having feelings towards her too.




I don't know what I did, but I got receive slap from her, saying we breaking up.




I don't know what I did or what did I do for her to make her slap me and break up with me.




But days passed, this crazy girl came back again, sniffing my hair, I swear I want to choke her.




She always sniffing my hair, and I always wanted to slap her.




But those change, I don't know why but I always started to think about her, she's always bothering my mind and I can't help it but to smile.




“Mina you hate her, you can't have feelings with Minatozaki, she's dumb” my fake friend said, the one who had feelings towards Momo too.




I wanted to slap her so hard, she doesn't know Sana the more I do, she doesn't know anything about Sana, so she doesn't have right to say that, but then, I was coward.




“Ah... Yeah, you are right, I'll see you later” I just said that, leaving you alone before I can't control myself from hurting you.




After that, Sana seems avoiding me, as if she doesn't want to see me, as if I'm not part of her life anymore....wait...when did I become part of her life?




The more she avoid me, the more I feel guilty and hurt.




Dance partner competition, ten of us lined, as in front of us was the other students,


 Sana was there too, the other got picked, I was number ten, and there's only me and number nine.




“Number nine? Who wants to be partner with her?” I lowed my head, waiting for my turn, I wished Sana would pick me but...




“Me” that voice, I know it's Sana, I just lowed my head down, not wanting to do this anymore, it hurts, she picked someone than me.








Dance partner competition, us picking who we want to be partner with.




I saw Mina, she was one of them, so that's mean I could pick her.




“Number nine? Who wants to be partner with her?” no one raise their hands, I pity her, I felt bad for her.




“Me” I forced my hand to raise.




When Mina's turn, she didn't stepped forward, she's stuck where she was, she just hanging her head down, what's happening to her?




After the fourth times calling her, she finally stepped forward, I already expect this, many students wants to be partner with her, I watch her, she doesn't looks happy.








“Why your face like that?as if you got broken hearted” Mina says, sitting at the other side of the bed, asking the latter on the other side.




“Nothing just remembering our childhood time, it's been 13 years since we met, and now dating each other for nine years. I just realized that time fly so fast” Sana answered her, lying down, spreading her arms from Mina to come in.




As they cuddle, feeling each other's embrace, it feels so safe inside each others embrace.




“i always love you Mitang~” she said, as she placed a kiss to Mina's forehead.




“I love you more” Mina mutter as they both felt sleepy.




Until they fall asleep inside each others embrace.




‘When I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us, I love you more than any obstacle that could try and come between us. I love you the most.’



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