Bonus+ pt.3

You little dork(Your dork)

“I Announce you to be Wife and Wife, you may kiss the bride” the priest said, closing his bible, staring lovely to the two woman in front of him.




The two kissed each other, in front of everyone, in front of their parents, in front of their friends, and in front of their school batch mates.




The two let go, earning loud claps from everyone,they felt so happy to the two, so much happiness, that almost teared them.




“Nayeon and Jeongyeon really did what they promise, to be the first who will get married among the squad” Chaeyoung said, clapping her palms together




“Yeah, now I wonder when will these two will get married” Dahyun said, pointing the two latter in front of them, face their backs.




“Yeah it's been 9 year, but still these two still not getting married, they even haven't have ” Chaeyoung reply back with a giggle to her last words. “they said they'll do it after they get married”




“Aww that's so sweet~” Dahyun giggled as they continue to watch the two woman who just got announced to be married to each other.




After wedding, all of the guest and the bride and bride goes to the celebration party.




“I thought Nayeon doesn't want celebrate after the wedding? isn't?” Sana said, holding Mina's hand, intertwining them, gripping into her, as if she doesn't want Mina to leave her side, Mina notice it, by how Sana grips on her.




“Sana I won't go anywhere, you hold to tight but Yeah, Nayeon doesn't want, maybe Jeongyeon plead her”




The two sat at the empty seats that was reserve to the squad, as they wait for the others to come.




“Mina, I got receive another romance drama, it's mature. The director showed me the scenes and script yesterday, have many kissing scene and bed scene, about mystery and vampire theme.” 




“And why are you telling me this?”




“I don't know if I could accept it because I know you will get je-” Mina cutted her off by saying...




“Hey no, I'm not, I promise, and it's for your career. I know how much this important to you, you have been carrying this career for five years. Accept it, I won't get jealous” Mina assured her, comforting her.








Moving forwards as the other one moving backwards until her hit the egde,,as the window from her back sudden opened,winds entered making the curtains fly high, her hands gripping on the edge, feeling scared by the Man in front of her.




“Jerim~ don't be scared, I promise you'll love it~” He whispered to her ear, her earlobe, making the latter gets shivers all over her body, making her knees weak.




“Please, stop~” She plead, crying silently, her grips gets more tighten when the Man trails his fingers to her ear down to her jaw, to her neck then to her collarbone.




“You smell so nice~” he said, sniffing her, as his arm snakes around her waist, making her more closer. He puts his tongue out, trailing from jaw to collarbone, until he finally found his spot “After this, no one can bite you other than me” he let out, his Fangs showing, as he bite the latter collarbone gently, drinking her blood.




His new favorite blood, it was intoxicating, taste like a wine that so addictive, it so delicious that he can't stop himself.




She gasp, feeling the fangs on her, it hurts but it feels so good at the same time.




“CUT!” the director said, clapping his hands, smiling proudly “That was hot, Chang-kyun you did great but have a little more confident. You should held her nape then bite her collarbone, little more lower. And Sana, you did the best! Overall the best! ” He proudly smiled at them, talking about the mature scene “This is for today, we'll continue for tomorrow”




They all thanked, as Sana was busy on the dressing room, her manager came in, exact time when Sana got dressed back to her normal clothes.




“Sana, I think someone already killing your partner earlier” she said.








“None other than Myoui, I saw her, she's at the back, watching you, her eyes are burning and it was so funny” she said, giggling remembering the scene earlier




‘Tst, she just said she won't get jealous yesterday yet she still did, what a liar’ she smiled between her thoughts.




“Oh speaking of jealouss, she's here” the manager joked, earning a glares from the latter who just got in. “I'll leave you two” of course we won't miss the smirk from the manager, Sana saw it again.




After the middle age woman leave, leaving the couple inside the dressing room, the room filled silent, Sana hates it when silent all over her.




“Min-” she cut off again, feeling the other body connected to hers, a sudden crash making her stop.




“I badly want us to get married now” the latter mutter, much for Sana to hear, making Sana smiled when she realize Mina needs her.




“Mina we promise to do that when we get mar-”




“I know, I know but I just can't help it” she tighten her hug, for her to stop herself from being in .




“We can do it if you want” Sana said, making the latter face her.




She didn't got any words to receive but instead, Mina dragged her way out, the manager saw them, she smirked while staring at the two young woman.








“Do you think they'll love this unnie?” Tzuyu said




“Don't worry Tzuyu, Mina and Sana are not picky when it comes to foods. Let's go” Nayeon assured her, making her way to the door of the house of Mina and Sana.




She's surprised that the door wasn't lock, she opened it slowly, peeking, until she heard something that the younger shouldn't hear. 




She quickly closed the door, making her way back to the younger.




“Oh unnie, did you already call them?and why your face and ears are so red?” Tzuyu was confused by seeing her Nayeonnie being so red.




“Tzuyu, do you perhaps wants to go to Jihyo and Daniel house first?I mean Mina and Sana are not here yet so why don't we go to them first then later here?how about that?” she's shuttering, her words are cracking, making Tzuyu look at her weirdly.




“Ok...” when Tzuyu said that, Nayeon immediately dragged the younger away from the house.




‘These two, Mina can't really control herself’ she chuckle, remembering the sound she heard inside the house earlier








HAHA this could be the last, but if you want another, just tell me, and I won't think TWICE , I'll do it for you all.




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