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When Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning were sent to real world in order to continue studying as their parents wanted them, things got complicated in the first month of high school. So they had to find the heros inside themselves.


by Misu
description When Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning were sent to real world in order to continue study as their parents wanted them, things got complicated in the first month of high school. So they had to awake the heros sleeping inside themselves to save their hometown and families.
Karina, Giselle, Winter, Ningning


Winter walked alongside her father in P.O.S. "Can't we stay? I have never been away from you and mom. I can't!"

Suho sighed. "Winter, please stop this childish behavior. You've grown up. You must study as other girls in your age."

"We can study here too." She said. "Why do you keep saying that we must leave Kwangya? Even Naevis, her highness, did-"


"Yes dad..." The girl lowered her head. "But I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too. Though I'll come to visit you, ok?" Suho wiped her tears away, using his thumb. "Winter, you are Naevis' niece... you have to be stronger than this."
"Dad..." She hugged him tightly. "I love you."

"I love you too..." He took a look at her. "Your name is Kim Minjeong, don't tell them you are Kim Winter, got it?"

"Fine, I'm not a fool!" Suho laughed.


"Karina, do take care of others. You are the eldest. You must be responsible for them. Ok?"

"Oh my... Dad! Stop this. I know them all, you have been repeating this since last night. Lucas is also there, Do not worry!"

Chanyeol patted her shoulder. "Park Karina... take care of yourself."

"Dad... why are you sending us away?"

"It's... uncle Suho and our lady Naevis' decision and we must obey."

"But why?"

"Karina... don't ask why, if you know the reason, your life will be in danger." He said, making his daughter pout. "Focus on your study, Yoo Jimin." He kissed her forehead.


"Well you can't have the same identity."



"I'm scared."

"Scared?" D.O asked.

"Dad, real world is a scary place. I don't want to go there."

"There is nothing to be scared of..."

"But... mom went to real world and villains had the opportunity to kill her, can't you remember?" Her eyes filled with tears.

"I can..." He sighed deeply. "But Giselle, now real world is safer than here. Just trust us and go. Be sure nothing will happen. You will also make lots of good friends."

"I have friends! Karina, Winter and Ningning."
"You can always have more..." D.O whispered. "By the way, since your mom was Japanese, I chose a Japanese name for you. Aeri."

"Ok... it's, it's pretty." Giselle sighed. "Please call me everyday."

"I will. Don't worry."


"Ningning, we are literally saying goodbye just look at me instead of that stupid tablet!"
"Dad... I'm just trying to hack uncle Chen's site." She giggled.

"And can I know what you'll gain from that?" Sehun asked.

"Nothing, it's just fun." She grinned.

"Fun... Oh Ningning!"

"Yes?" She looked at him, finally.

"You are leaving your parents, aren't you sad? Look at your unnies."

"Being sad doesn't make anything better... so I just try to enjoy my life."



"Take care of yourself."

"I will. Tell mom th-"

"Kai is here girls." Suho announced. "You'll leave FLAT in some minutes."

"Ladies, please take one another's hand and do not let go of it. Ok?" They nodded. "It's not scary, but if you do so... it will become the last thing you have done."

"Don't frighten them!" Suho and D.O shouted at him.

Kai sighed. "Ok! Let's go ladies."
Rocket puncher
Karina is 18-year-old daughter of the bravest knight in Kwangya, Park Chanyeol. She's intrepid and sometimes too curious that is dangerous. Karina is the only daughter of Park Family. Even though her father has fire as his superpower and her mother (to be revealed.) has invisibility, she has gotten a new kind of superpower, rocket punching.
Giselle is the only Korean-Japanese citizen of Kwangya. She's lost her mother when she was only five. Because of the events Giselle has experienced as a child, she's timid most of the times, but when it comes to her family and friends, she's bravest of them all. She is thought to be powerless which is a shame in Kwangya. Giselle is also the only girl in Do family.
Winter is 17-year-old daughter of Suho, Naevis' younger brother. She's known to be the heir of Kwangya as the only girl of the family. Winter has the ability to use different weapons since childhood to defend herself against villains. It's not surprising for Kwangya's citizens that her shots will definitely hit the target. Suho and her mother (to be revealed) chose the name Winter for her, because she was born on the first day of winter.
E.D hacker
Ningning is originally Chinese. Sehun and his wife (to be revealed.) adopted her since they weren't able to have children. Ningning is famous in Kwangya due to her breathtaking beauty. Her mother (Sehun's wife) is not from Kwangya and is just a human from real world. She is the one who trained her as an E.D hacker. Ningning is the only girl in Oh family.
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Misu's note
Hey there! I'm a little anxious now, because I've never written a supernatural!au and also, about aespa. Though I hope I won't disappoint MYs. I always though it would be fun to combine EXO's and aespa's worlds, I did so and this happened! But since we don't have a lot of information about KWANGYA and stuff, I used my own imagination and some fantasy movies that I've watched... Be sure you'll see most of SM artists here... plus some of other idols. Please support this story, comment and share your ideas.
Upvotes are appreciated.
P.S. KWANGYA in this story is not only the place where avatars live, People who have avatars live there too and are able to meet their aes (REKALL time) when they need help. KWANGYA is a kingdom and Naevis is the queen of this land.
P.S.2 No Original characters for here, (if you don't count Black Mamba and Naevis OC) but remember that this is a work of fiction and the characters' attitudes aren't the same in reality.
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