Street Dance Of Love

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[AU | Multichap] The competition on Street Dance of China season 4 is heating up. Hyukjae wants to win but with so many great and legendary dancers around, it's anybody's game. But perhaps he can win at something else, if he can get closer to the beautiful b-boy Aiden.





1. Disclaimers

a. This is a work of fiction based on the show Street Dance of China Season 4 (you guys should really watch it if you haven't, English subs are available!)


b.  Except for Eunhyuk and Donghae, other dancers mentioned in this story are real participants from the show


c. Some scenes may be adopted from the actual show itself


d. K-pop group names mentioned may be changed slightly


e. Title of fic from one of the 'movie posters' in Devil MV



2. Disclosures

a. I know nothing about dancing, so whatever dancing terms I used are picked up from the show itself and also from doing some basic research


b. I'm a Ye!Ship writer but Yesung can't dance (yes, it's an AU but I still can't write him as a pro dancer, lol). And the idea of two dancers falling for each other during the show refuses to leave my mind, so I had to turn to the most logical pairing for the idea which is EunHae


c. I don't ship EunHae (obviously because I ship them with Yesung) but I do sometimes read EunHae fics if the storylines are interesting and are well-written



3. Background / Setting

So a little premise about the show if you're not familiar. This is a dance battle show where there can only be 1 winner in the end. This season is the most impressive yet because they featured more international dancers and they managed to bring over legendary dancers from the respective dance styles. So far, from what I've seen, these are the main types of dance styles: popping, locking, waacking, hip-hop, b-boy/breaking and krumping. The show also features choreographers who are mostly urban dancers though some can be versed in styles such as popping or hip-hop.


There are 4 captains in the show: Hangeng, Henry, Lay (EXO) and Wang Yibo (Uniq). So dancers will be grouped under each captain, forming like a 'crew'. The first round of grouping that happened was for the 'section' teams (ep 1 to 3), after which there was a process of elimination. Then came the second round of grouping which was for the top 39 dancers (and this number will continue to go down as the show progresses).


So at the beginning of the show, there were 100 dancers, and after some battling, the numbers went down to 55 and then 39. At this stage where they were 39 dancers left, each captain had to pick their personal favorite/best 4 dancers as 'foundation' for their team, and put up a showcase together. From there, the remaining dancers would get an idea of how strong each team is. 


This fic starts from episode 7 (we're now at episode 10 at the point of writing) after the showcase was done and the remaining 23 dancers are up for grabs, Hyukjae being one of them. 



4. Story Flow

​Each chapter will not be too long, maybe between 1.5 to 2.5K words? There's no character development or intriguing plot in here, nor any ; it's just a simple story of two people falling for each other so please manage your expectations. At most, chapters are just a sneak peek at how the relationship between Hyukjae and Donghae will progress with each episode/week.



Thank you and hope you enjoy the story. Comments and upvotes much appreciated



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