ᴛʜᴇ ᴠᴏɪᴅ ᴋʀᴘ - [ 𝘔𝘦𝘸𝘦 / 19+ / 𝘈𝘭𝘭 𝘉𝘰𝘺𝘴 / 𝘓𝘪𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘦 ] Minimal ic limitations


The Void krp.

The Void krp.

The Void krp.

<< 19+ | Mewe | All Boys >>
<< Non Au | Literate >>

Submerge your muse within a secret, underground, world; ripe with unplotted adventures. Shape your muse into a real person with flaws and fantastic disasters untouched by ooc influence. Let the mystery of the unknown guide their life along an unpredictable path. You never know what they might find…

Come develop beautiful stories with us.

About Our Verse

In 2016, secret investors opened a mobile and web social network called void. Void is an invite only social network where famous gay korean men can seek connections with like minded souls.

Void was always linked with Club Orca, a secret club for app users to spread their wings and relax without the watchful eye of the public.

Around 2018 the company grew large enough to invest in an apartment complex where their users could live and thrive, and a second club called The Nest which is more like a lounge.

Later that year, management was surprised to find their funding was gone and they've been working hard for the past 3 years to get everything up and running again.


Finally in the fall of 2021 we're happy to say that Void is up and running again.

We hope you're interested in joining this exclusive group!

Sparkly Layouts 2019posted on jan 3rd, 2021


❝ the void krp.

❝ the void krp.

❝ the void krp.

mewe. 19+. Non AU. All boys.


opened boy rp8/April/16


became void krp11/July/18

reopened void krp11/Oct/21

Admin Count3

Accepting Frequencydaily

Rule word count≈ 2,200

TTS Read Time≈ 9 minutes

Important Information

Tumblr vs. AFF
If you would like to apply
through tumblr you may do that as well. The instructions on this page will refer to applying through the AFF base.

Lengthy Rules
It looks so much longer on the aff than it is. Our rules also look really picky. We're picky about structure and ooc stuff so that ic may be immersive, literate, unplotted, and fun.

Please keep up with the groups and private messages since this is how the admins may communicate with members.

This is set up like an old school facebook rp. Rules may be a bit different from the usual set. It’s not for everyone but we’re really excited to try it out.

Been here before? We’re starting fresh and focusing on IC content. OOC drama will not be permitted here - even among the admin team.


PM us your reservation.

Please let us know how long you would like your reservation to be.

Unspecified reservations last 24 hours.

Include the muses full name, stage name, group and or occupation in your reservation.


General Rules

basic motto.
Maturity is expected since this is an 19+ rp.
Treat others how you would like to be treated ooc aka nice.
Do whatever you want (that’s possible) in character as long as the rules written below aren’t broken. Human emotions are not always positive. Have fun!

OOC Age limit: 19+

IC Muse Age limit: 19+

We accept:
any famous boy muse who speaks korean fluently irl

Banned faceclaims:
Can be found at the bottom of our character list

Moving Couples:
We do not accept moving couples

Character Count:
Muns may make as many muses as they can be active on.

Double Group:
Muns may not write two muses from the same idol group or non kpop crew/company.

Please post an sns post once a week minimum. We’ll check the feed every Sunday and anyone who hasn’t posted within 7 days will be considered inactive and removed.

IRL Friendship:
Muses must make an effort to befriend their irl friends. If things don’t work out, that’s okay, but we expect an attempt.

Character development:
We love a good character arc. Don’t be afraid to be messy and start somewhere only to end up somewhere else.

Please have a vision of your muse but feel free to develop them as life happens!

Social Network:
All Muses at this rp are connected through a social network called Void.

This network is private from the public and only users have access to it.

When members add friends they are friending people on Void.

Mewe = ooc / Void = ic:
Don’t use the word mewe ic. The word mewe ic is banned. Your muse should always refer to the app as void. Void looks and acts just like mewe.

SNS Literacy:
To specify public posts and comments on Void, use something like [sns;username]

we are 3rd pov para (It can be short para). This is not a crack rp. Any members displaying crack style writing will be asked to adapt to a more literate style, or leave.

can occur in private posts, the public feed, a second chat, a private group, or private group chat; that you create for two or more people.

Second Chat:
to get a second chat with one person in mewe, add the person and an admin to a group chat, then kick the admin out (or we’ll leave if we see it)

Side Groups:
Members do not need admin permission to create side groups. Idol group groups are highly encouraged, if not expected.

Life Line:
If your muse wants to make friends but is too shy to, make an ic post on the public feed listing activities people can choose to do and emoji’s to respond to choose if they’d like to.
Make sure to emoji it with all of the choices so people can easily select.
Example: LINK


The Amenities

The Complex:
All muses live in an apartment complex called “the complex” Imagine extra features and apartment interiors as you please.

Club Orca:
This is the private club that started it all. Here, famous men in Seoul can visit to have a good time without worrying about being seen by the wrong people. It’s located down the street from The Complex.

The Nest:
Is a private drinks lounge. It's fancier than club orca and located in the opposite direction from the complex.

Our locations are further detailed with pictures on this tumblr page: LINK


Groups and rp Life

Announcements (OOC)

This is where we post admin announcements. Members will be expected to read and interact with all posts made in this group.


This is a free space for members to post whatever they want out of character. However, we don’t allow ooc drama or pictures of muns.




This means this group is on the void app. Your muse is viewing this as a void group on their phone and/or pc.

Void Bulletin (SNS IC)

This is the group where we’ll announce new arrivals. All members are expected to add new members.

Deletion (SNS IC)

This is our removal group. All members should keep their friends list clean and up to date.

The Main Show (SNS IC)

This is our let’s get loud group. We post secrets here.
Members may post hangout invites, introductions, confessions, plan parties, stir some trouble, etc…

we use #’s to organize.

Needy Hours (SNS IC)

This is our only optional group. It’s our nsfw group. Everyone will be added but if a member wishes to leave they may leave it and rejoin at their leisure.

We allow all forms of nsfw with any kinks our muses enjoy.

However, we do not allow illegal content such as media of minors, or animals, involved in obscene content..

Void Public Feed

This is like your fyp, your instagram feed, your twitter whatever. Indicate all sns posts with sns or they’ll be considered threads.

In Person Stuff?


So, we don’t have any in person groups because we find they’re hard to maintain activity.

Hangouts, events, and parties will probably happen in spontaneous group chats.

In person threads should not occur in sns groups or on sns posts.


Content Limits


Having children or attaining children is not allowed, unless said muse actually has a child.

Living Arrangements:

All Idol groups must live with their group members.

Non idol group members can choose their own place or choose roommates.

Members are permitted to have their own room or re-arrange roommates within their idol group apartment if they so choose.

Military Service:

If a muse is currently in the military, muns should write them as if they are not; unless they’ve discussed an alternative option with the admins.

IRL Relationships:

If a muse has a significant other, or is married irl, they are also with that person while using the void app. We allow eventual break ups but not erasure.


using ooc obtained information ic is not allowed. Please don’t mix up ooc and ic situations.


Is taking control of another players character and we don’t allow it. The password: tell us the rule you like the most on this page and why you like it.

Breaking the 4th wall:

We do things to keep ourselves immersed in the rp like call mewe void and use sns indicators.

OOC is only allowed in ooc designated groups and in messages or private posts with brackets. If we see ooc anywhere else, we will ask the member to remove or move the post or comment.


is not allowed. We have a social network base so anyone can message anyone even before they meet them in person. This dubs plotting unnecessary.
The admins also have a general belief that any plotting can muddy the natural flow of an ic experience.

Character Bio’s:

We don’t allow character profiles like kinks, hard limits, deep backstories, etc… Simple things like interests, activities can be listed

please try and leave the majority of your muses persona to mystery, so that it’s more fun to unfold who they are through ic interaction.

Adult Content:

This is an adult rp and all muns are 19 or older. If anyone considering joining has an issue with specific topics causing discomfort, this might not be the best place, since we’d like to provide a location for muns to write without limits or censorship.

You might find drama, , or other messy situations, in this rp.

How to handle discomfort:

We ask that muses who become uncomfortable while ic remove themselves from the situation.
state discomfort ic,
stop replying,
if needed, see the admin.


Important Clarification

Because there has been a heavy amount of ooc in ic mixing normalcy in rp’s lately, we feel it’s really important to clarify how we expect our members to behave in relation to mixing ic in ooc -

as well as provide tools from the beginning to avoid the ooc drama that usually comes with this practice.

We're sorry for the long explanation coming up but it needs to be said in order to establish a creative environment.

OOC and IC line:
we would like for all muses to try separating their ooc self from their ic muse.

Keep in mind that your muse could end up hating one of someone’s muses and marrying the other.

Roleplay is acting! We’re going to be understanding about this but also firm.

You should not catch yourself disliking a mun because of how their muse is written.


IC Separation Methods

+ 1st POV Writing:
this is sometimes also compared to method acting. A mun will refer to their muse as themselves and see them as an extension of themselves. Sometimes they also connect to their muse by relating experiences their character is going through to their own real life experiences.

Why it’s dangerous:
It places a mun too closely to who their muse is. It can trick a person into believing that what happening in the rp is personal and thereby impacts personal emotions and self worth in a negative way.

+ 3rd POV Writing:
This is when a writer sees their muse as a separate person with their own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes a Mun will even express that they don’t control their muse; their muse just does what they feel like doing like a little person in their head.

Why it’s safer:
Having a person in your head doesn’t exactly sound typical, however, this method separates a mun from their muse and avoids negative attachments to things that might hurt worse if they felt more personal.

How it helps development: It’s a tool that authors use to build authentic characters. A writer will start with a base personality with a history and current relationships. Slowly they’ll watch their muse develop and build based on who they already are and the surprises rp doles out to them. Soon it’ll become second nature to respond because the writer will know the muse so well they might not even have to think about what they would do.

How it helps cowriters: With this method people will worry less about how a mun feels about ic storylines. Writing with people with the assumption that everyone is writing fiction - allows fiction to go places it wouldn’t normally.

It also adds the excitement of not knowing what will happen. Drama can be exciting and lead to deeper friendships opposed to one enemy, it could also lead to character arcs where a villain turns good. These are just examples here.

Remember that Inside Out taught us that sadness can lead to the happiest moments.

Writing with people who feel empowered to take their storyline anywhere, opens up so many possibilities for surprising creative works.

Harmless Mixing:
It’s okay for muns to give their muse interests that they have ooc like games, movies, music. Separation is about thinking the mun and muse are two different people.
So, as long as that stays clear, feel free to spice up a muse with cool interests.



Making your Mewe

Your name must match your muse, if you can’t do this, please make a new mewe. In your profile

include voidkrp somewhere or vk so we know it belongs to you

Also include your muses group(or crew, occupation, company), height, birthday, and in brackets include how you like to thread.

Idol Example:
180cm (5'11")
February 14, 1997
[I prefer to thread in a second dm message or private group dm but will do private posts if that’s your preference. DM’s are sns ic unless you use brackets]

Actor Example:
184cm (6’)
31 May 1988
//DM’s are texts, private posts are threads//

KHH Example:
180cm (5'11")
1987 September 12
[I mirror]



Applying Fill out the application in full.

All applications are tagged with muse name and group name.

Private message this aff account (thevoidkrp) with your application. Or you can apply on tumblr. 


Fill out the whole application in full , 

Answer the IC section in character 1st pov and the rest ooc

Name/s -
Group or Occupation -
International age -
Company -
Who would you say is your closest friend and why? -

Alias/Name -
Age -
Time Zone -
Tell us about your muse in 100 words or more -

Other (will not be posted) |
password -
do you have any other muses in the rp? If yes who? -
(This next question is for idols only)
Does your muse have any famous guy friends outside their idol group? If so, who?

After being accepted:
When your app is accepted you’ll get messaged back the admin links.

Please add these admins in order to get added into the rp.

Don’t forget the password

Congrats you made it to the end :) there were a lot of rules there. We list so many rules to establish and maintain a healthy environment where creativity can flourish.

width must be 220; height can be 130 or higher

We aim to maintain a mature environment where muses can have freedoms to develop rich and complex storylines. No one will be kicked out for ic drama here.

width must be 200; height can be 290 or higher

Character List

Members not listed are free to be played. Scroll to the bottom to see who we don't accept.

Taemin Lee[Shinee]- 12/5


Idol Groups

Ateez >>>

BTOB >>>

BTS >>>
J-Hope; V;

Got7 >>>
Jinyoung; Mark

Monsta X >>>

NCT >>>

Stray Kids >>>
Jisung; Felix; Hyunjin;

Treasure >>>

TXT >>>
Beomgyu; Huening Kai;

Non Idols
131 Label >>>
Kim Hanbin



Other >>>

Monster Woo
Zhou Zhennan

Banned List

Face Claims who fall under the following descriptions will not be accepted:

Cisgender Women

Muses who are younger than 19 internationally

Muses who don’t speak Korean Fluently

Muses who aren’t famous

Muses who are no longer living

Anyone involved in the Burning Sun Scandal

Anyone prosecuted for ual assault

Owen Ovadoz, Young West, Jay Park

If there’s someone you think shouldn’t be played here due to a problematic situation, please private message us with details and sources.

Things we consider problematic:
Open, malicious, and unapologetic; racism, homophobia, ism or transphobia.

Also, ual assault, domestic violence, animal abuse, and soliciting minors.

width must be 250; height can be 160 or higher



Leo, Taurus, Cancer


Tumblr Mobile



Accepting apps

on tumblr + aff


Find more rps

krp network
















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