would you like to stay?


Taehyung wasn’t exiled from his place; he was just as called as the Fallen.
Angels who chose to disobey absolute orders, and by saving one child in the midst of her death time; his enormous and magnificent white pair of wings were stripped off mercilessly and later grown by itself, a pair of wings – black on the right and white on the left – that left a mark as one of the Fallen.
Years and years of waiting, Taehyung was given another chance to gain back what he had lost – his wings and his status as an angel.
However, in order for him to earn them, he was given a great deal of a mission.
His mission was to bring, Kang Hwayoung, a soul rumoured throughout the entire empire to be a sole mistake made by God, back to her absolute place.
Another rumour circulating around in regard of her existence was to be that she was without any guardian angel and demon watching over her.
It could only mean that Hwayoung was no bright soul, and Taehyung could feel the danger coming even without any warning ahead.


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