Ye!Ship Anthology (II): Be Still, My Heart

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[Anthology] Collection of Ye!ship drabbles/ficlets/shortfics. In this edition, pairings are YeHae (non-AU shortfic), KyuSung (AU drabble) and YeTeukChul (AU shortfic), with the keyword 'gentle'.




1. This is the 2nd edition of anthology series featuring drabbles, ficlets and shortfics on different Ye!ships. Some are standalone, some will be accompanying pieces or spin-offs to existing fics. It's a way for me to get little ideas I have off my mind without committing them to full-length stories. 


2. For accompanying pieces, prior reading of existing fics may be required.


3. Spin-off stories are set in existing verses of older fics but no prior reading is necessary (unless otherwise stated).


Previous edition(s):

Ye!Ship Anthology (I): Music To My Ears



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