Chaotic Romance


[ Just a short, cute romance story. Or at least I hope it's cute ]


Kim Yong Sun


Running away from home might not be the best option especially if you have no money. But fed up with everything and everyone she decided to just wing it. No doubt she'll be able to pull it off because she's an independent girl and one heck of a tough cookie. Even if she's a klutz and only has a certain amount of cash.


But what happen when she met a billionaire who wanted nothing but to pamper her? Will she give in to the temptation or will she stand her ground?



Moon Byul Yi


Running a multi-billionaire company is not easy. But it has its merit. Girls and guys will flock to you, and you can get anything with just a snap of your finger. You know the usual stuff. And she is no exception.


But what happen when she met a girl that she thought was defenseless and her protective instinct just kicked in? Will, she managed to break her stubbornness, or will she slowly back off?

"Listen here miss, I know karate and I won't hesitate to karate chop your head. So, if you could just, please leave me to my own devices", I said in irritation to this annoying -though handsome-looking woman.


"Lady, who you're trying to lie to? I know that you don't know jack- about karate", she said looking amused.


Oh, if I could just--


Hello! This is my first story for moonsun. And I'm a textbook definition of an amateur writer.

Anyway if you have taken your time to read this story, I just wanna say thank you. Also English is NOT my first language, so expect quite a lot of grammatical errors. And any constructive criticisms that will help me get better at writing are always welcome.

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