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Surrounded by autumn, there was Seoul. At a school gate, students were flowing, some getting in and others getting out, making a blur of white tops and marine bottoms. Backpacks were full, worn either on the back or on a shoulder. Small roads, colonized by kids worrying about their future. Surrounded by autumn, there was the Han river. On the other side, there was the same city, but different people. Rich people, flaunting their money and their new faces. It’s in that city that a love story was written.


Every day was the same, getting to work, and working on something with his hands, while Donghae's mind was composing songs. He was in his own bubble. He was in a carefree bubble, burst open one day by a tall gorgeous guy tapping on his shoulder.


Hi! My first fanfiction... yeah! I'm trying something new, I hope you enjoy reading it. 

The first chapter and the storyline is strongly inspired from a book called Hadassa by Myriam Beaudoin. 

Obviously, the story and the actions of Eunhyuk and Donghae are from my delulu head. 


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