Behind the Scenes I

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Or the story of their first encounter.



Hyukjae. He was Hyukjae when he was not performing, when he was not with his fans.

That day, he wanted to be Hyukjae. He was coming back from Siwon’s shop. They haven’t seen each other from a long time. A lovely, sunny day was perfect to spend some time with people he cherished. They spent some time talking with each other, getting to learn the news in their lives.

Hyukjae was so happy to see his friend again that he forgot to put back on his cap after getting out of the back store, on his walk to Ryeowook’s house. He was on a happy cloud on his way, he didn’t realize people staring at his blue hair, then recognizing him and taking pictures.

He was halfway when a boy caught his eyes. The other was shining from head to toes. He was beautiful, walking with grace. Sweater and jeans were perfect on him. His hair was dancing with the wind. Sliding down on the other’s perfect nose, Hyukjae ended up staring at lips resembling ocean waves. Still lingering on the lips, he got caught staring by the other. His heart might have stopped beating for a moment. T

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