Chapter 4

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Back home, Donghae found a letter in his mailbox. From his mom. Opening his door, he got in the kitchen, got a knife and set the words free. Embarrassment faded out, to be replaced with sadness. It seemed the knife was now trying to enter his heart. His mom was worried about him. She was lonely. She was talking about the weather, about his brother, about the big house. She was asking if he found a girlfriend.

He got up, put the letter back in the envelope, put his tears in his sleeves and put on his boots, coat, got out of the house. It was not late enough to be gloomy.

Ryeowook was glowing next to Siwon. They seemed like good friends. He felt comfortable with them. He almost forgot his problems. Yellow was definitely a beautiful and happy colour to get drunk to.

It seemed to also be the ideal colour to get honest to. Donghae told them everything, from his feelings of sadness toward his mother to his crush on a superstar.

Ryeowook smiled tenderly and listened, approving of everything that was said. Siwon was smiling the same way, while speaking.

“You see, we met that way. We were from two different worlds, but we seemed to get along well together. You know, let me do something.” He whispered a little in his companion year. And then, Ryeowook got up, made a call, got back on the sofa, put the giraffe phone case back in his pocket, took a banana looking pen and wrote on a lemon shaped post-it an address, with a time. It was the shop. Tomorrow, at 4.

Donghae never adored Yellow Lady more than in that moment.

He learnt that Ryeowook was a famous singer, that Siwon was his manager. Ryeowook was under the same label as Eunhyuk, and he was the one who taught Eunhyuk how to sing. Since he took his retirement, both him and Siwon started to work in the shop.

Yellow Lady was indeed a miracle.


Donghae walked as if nothing extraordinary was happening, under the starry night, sitting on the bench next to him. He knew not to talk, for fans to

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