Chapter 2

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Donghae was in a carefree bubble, burst open one day by a tall gorgeous guy tapping on his shoulder. Well, he was wearing a mask covering half of his face and a cap covering the other half, and he was barely higher than him, but Donghae was still mesmerized.

‘’Could you tell me where the dairy section is, please?” Damn, he was polite too. He was slender, with gorgeous lines, but everything was blurred by the broad clothes he was wearing.

In that moment, Donghae lost the ability to speak. He was quite ashamed, as he was working with words and in that moment, none would get out. He simply pointed to his left and after saying a quick thank you, the customer went his way.

Still, he took a last look at the back going away from him. Donghae saw that guy before, but where? He couldn’t remember.

That day, he started from scratch a new song, about a man in love with a shadow. A slow, sensual, and grey song, that followed him to his sleep.


The gorgeous guy would come back from time to time. He was named Gorgeous by Donghae. Those days would be very happy for Donghae. He would follow him with his eyes throughout the store. He would see him always wearing large clothes, barely concealing his elegant movements.

Every time he was there, he would always go straight to the dairy section and choose strawberry milk, then go to the snacks section and choose some popular snacks.

That day, Gorgeous came shortly before closing time. He went straight to take a pack of strawberry milk and came back with a yellow bag of chips in his hands, on top of the very red package of milk. Looked very much like ketchup and mustard, to Donghae’s pleasure.

Since it was late and he was closing, Donghae was watching his only costumer watching some other popular snacks. He was wearing a black sweater, with a back mask and a black cap, low on the eyes. His earphones were black to

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