Love like this, Love like that

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Getting a girl is easy. It is easier for Baekhyun since he is the Basketball player for his college team. Star basketball player, a girl might add. Getting a girl is easy but making her stay is hard. It is harder for Baekhyun since along with like comes love which is followed by jealousy, pain, heartbreak. Love is a bit like peace and a bit like turbulence. 

Love like this,
Love like that
 Tell me you love me and I'll tell you how you brighten up my dark world, baby.
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him - BBH


Basketball player. Computer Science student.


Electronics student. Basketball enthusiast.

her - CDH
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Author's Note


Until I'm going to complete all my ongoing stories I won't be posting another story. Basketball player Baekhyun is hard to resist. Updates will be slow!

Special Thanks

To Nuna, for being along with me and suffering in pain from lack of sports!au

To H & L, for being my support system and bearing all my doubts, questions and the main reason I'm still writing today. 

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