() To meet you in dream, it’s fate

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Dreams. Something that is sometimes unexplainable by logic, it's something that is abstract and have no absolute rule. Dreams can be what you see and feel in your sleep. dreams can be the path or future you desire, dreams can be something material like a house or a lover. Dreams can be anything and you're free to dream. Because who knows, whatever you dream will be become true? Who knows if your dream will lead you to something most important in your life. Then, never give up dreaming.


This is a story of Choi Seungcheol and Lee Jihoon's dreams



Hey Dolls ^^ It's October!

I'm here to greet you as usual at this time of year. For those who had been with me for a while knew that I basically almost stop writing in this site but I always try my best to still write my annual JiCheol fics. So I'm here! With the fic for JiCheol's wedding anniversary celebration as usual! I guess we didn't need to do introduction of how 19th October became their day, you must know already right? I hope you all are well and safe in your place wherever you are. Please take a good care of yourself and stay safe, for yourself and your beloved people.

This year is my sixth year writing a fic to celebrate the day, how time flies fast. As it goes, I keep having fear of not able to finish the fic on time (and I even had to make a decision to stop July fic this year, you can find about it in July fic this year). Frankly, I feel I have lost my touch in writing in the long run moreover with busy life happened. But I seriously don't want to stop writing for JiCheol. I hope this fic make a do as my celebration fic for our precious JiCheol and I could share the joy of my love for JiCheol with you guys. I really hope you enjoy this little gift from an author who loves JiCheol so much. I hope my fic could make you love them a little bit more, I will be happy ^^

If you know me and have been following my story, you know it already but I will still mention it. Like previous celebration fics (you can find it under the series page below the title above), this one also will follow the 'a chapter a day until 19th' rule. But even you see this already on my story list, it wouldn't start immediately. Wait for the first chapter, it will be here soon. Keep supporting our precious boys, Carats. Give JiCheol a lot of love too! Happy JiCheol wedding anniversary #211019 #Jicheolday #8YearsOfJicheol #12thYearWithJicheol ~~

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