Chapter 7: It's Club Day!

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It’s a beautiful morning, the birds are chirping the sky is very blue. The weather is just lovely, it’s cool and breezy. Today is the best day ever to be alive… according to Kang Seulgi. She merrily walks to school, humming along with the birds and the insects. Seulgi is feeling better, she is feeling great. “hmmm… hmmm…. chirp chirp… buzz buzz…” she continues to hum. ‘Teehee I still can’t believe Bae Joohyun brought me dinner last night’ she blushed as she remembers what happened. ‘I should thank her and return her pink bunny lunchbox. Hmmm Bae Joohyun looks like a bunny now that I think about it hihi.’ She smiles at that thought. ‘OMG a bunny!’ Seulgi jumps in excitement when she saw one crossing the street. ‘What a coincidence, I just thought of a bunny and a bunny appears. This must be a sign that today is going to be a great day.’ Seulgi skips to the bunny but was stopped when someone grabbed her backpack.


“Hey! What are you doing? Lemme go! I wanna pet the bunny.” Seulgi is trying her hardest to pull away.


“Seulgi-ya… are you blind? That’s not a bunny. That’s an albino sewer rat.” Baekhyun says plainly. Seulgi shrieks so loud everyone in the busy street stops and stares at them. Seulgi is now hanging on Beakhyun’s neck. Baakhyun carries his friend bridal style when he feels someone whack his head out of nowhere.




“Put her down Byun!” Baekhyun knew very well who the owner of that voice is. He turned towards the voice ready to make a sassy remark, but what he sees leaves him speechless. Park Chanyeol was covered in sweat, his comma bangs dangling and covering the x (Band-aid) on his forehead. He was jogging shirtless with a pair of gray sweatpants and a pair of black Nike’s. Baekhyun can only stare with his mouth wide open. His eyes follow Chanyeol as he continues to jog past them.


“Ewwww” Seulgi squirms off Baekhyun. “You’re drooling a lot…”


“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8… small buns. 2 big loaves on his chest… 4 more buns on each arm…”


“Hey Baekhyun are you okay?” she waves her hands in front of Baekhyun. Seulgi decides to just drag Baekhyun to school.




Class 2-A


“Okay class today is the start of club day. I’m going to explain what will happen. NO, I will not be entertaining any questions.” The teacher directs her last statement to Wendy. “For the sake of my sanity, Ms. Son Seungwan please calm yourself. If you must, please sit on your hands and contain yourself.” She says pleadingly. “Okay, now there won’t be any classes today and tomorrow.” The class goes wild. “SHH! I said contain yourselves. So, for two days you will be trying out for different clubs. Each student can have 1 or 2 clubs, do think wisely if you can handle having 2 clubs along with your academics. This year will be the first time we will be having 2 days for club tryouts. A lot of students decided to open new clubs. Have fun and don’t forget to take your lunch break. If you have any questions or concerns, I will be in the Teachers lounge. Class dismissed.”


“Seulgi! Good morning! Let’s go checkout the clubs together.”


“Sounds good. Oh! But I do have a mission today.” She blushes.


“What?” Wendy asks while texting someone.


“I have to return Bae Joohyun’s lunchbox.” Wendy’s neck snaps to face her friend.


“Okay then! That is our first priority.” She says excitedly. “Let’s go meet Baekhyun in the cafeteria. He said he wants to tag along.” The 2 girls head on out into the hallway. When they reach the end of the hallway, they ended up colliding with Suho.


“I’m so sorry hyung! I wasn’t paying attention.” Wendy says as she starts picking up rolls of papers on the floor.


“It’s not your fault. I’m sorry, I was carrying too many things I couldn’t see what was in front of me.” He bows apologetically. He spots Seulgi picking up the other rolls of paper.


“Ah Seulgi! How are you feeling? Are you feeling better now?” Suho asks sincerely. Seulgi felt a little embarrassed, she looked down before responding. “Suho hyung, I’m feeling great to be honest. Thank you for asking. How about you hyung?”


“I’m feeling much better as well.”


“You guys know each other already?” Wendy asks.


“Ah yes! Seulgi was actually the one who attended to me in the clinic. For some reason everyone forgot about me… it was weird. But yes, she helped me out, see.” He points to his bandages. One on the left side of his forehead and one on his neck.


“AHH… it makes soo much sense now why you have x-marks… it was Seulgi’s doing.” Wendy chuckles. Seulgi bows in front of Suho all of a sudden.


“I’m so sorry for ramming into you yesterday.”


“It’s okay Seulgi. Don’t worry about it anymore. But I am curious though, why did you do that?”


“I’m curious too Seul, I asked Sehunnie why you did that. He wouldn’t say anything except that “The avatar is back”. Seulgi starts blushing and starts playing with her fingers.


“Well, um… You were going to kiss Bae Joohyun…” she says shyly. Suho chokes on air and starts coughing badly. Wendy tries to soothe Suho by rubbing his back.


“Seulgi… cough cough… I have no plans of dying. I would never do such a thing to my friend. Irene would have murdered me on the spot if I tried to pull something like that plus Chanyeol will definitely burn me alive.”


“But but Sehun said he heard you confessing your feelings to Bae Joohyun. Also, you started leaning towards her… I saw that…”


“I don’t know who this Sehun person is…”


‘Ouch!’ Wendy and Seulgi thought.


“…but he must’ve misheard or misunderstood. I was actually asking Irene for a favor…” He starts rubbing his nape. “You know how Irene has a lot of fans, right? Well, I’m planning to run for vice president and I was hoping she could sway her fans to vote for me. She was hesitant about it since she is quite shy about it- that’s when she leaned back. I was going to beg for her help that’s why I started moving forward.”


“OHH… I’M SO SORRY SUHO HYUNG.” Seulgi is on the floor begging for forgiveness. Suho tries to help her up. Wendy is just laughing at her stupid friend.


“It’s alright now Seulgi. Just vote for me during the elections, okay?”


“Will do.” Seulgi gave Suho a very sincere and beautiful smile. The two girls then went on their way.


Suho smiles to himself. ‘Don’t ever lose your smile Kang Seulgi, Irene won’t be able to handle that.’




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