Dare to Love Her


Chaeyoung turned around and saw this girl all angry staring attentively at her from head to toe. Judging her look. 

"How are you a girl?" She demanded. 

"Excuse me?" Chaeyoung wasn't having it. 

"Yeah, you heard me. What part of you could possibly be a girl?! look at your clothes! your hair and-". oh no.


Hello, this is a michaeng au based on the thai movie "Yes or no" (strongly recommended) it follows parts of the plot but has many different things.
English is not my first language so I'm sorry for all the mistakes you might find.
Hope you like it, this is my first story. Chapters get progressively lenghtier. 

Next chapter will be the epilogue, it's not done yet so the update will take a while. I really hope you have enjoyed this story. <3
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